Rocks Box Unboxing… The Statement Necklace

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Style, Video

I was wanting to find a statement necklace.

You know, to make statements and whathaveyou.

Actually, I am going to a wedding in a few weeks, and I already have an LDB (Little Black Dress)… I’ll be honest though,  I would love a new dress.

I mean, there is not a day that passes that I don’t want a new dress. I manage the wanting quite well.

At one point the wanting was deeper than other times of dress wanting and I even peeked at Rent the Runway… because my wanting was turning to more of a burn…



Badgley Mischka / Fluorite Emerald Gala Gown / $120 Rental /$740 Retail



Aaaaaaand she would also require jewelry and shoes.

While looking at her that little devil on my shoulder kept whispering… “It IS after all a black tie event, afterall…”

Forget statement necklace – this is a stament DRESS.

But the wedding also involves airfare and associated costs having to do with travel, and my kids needs jackets and shoes and food… so I am going with my trusty LBD.

LBD’s are timeless, right?

I did snag a cute pair of heels from my friend’s shop. The heels I usually wear with that dress are not-so-timeless so…

And then there’s the statement necklace. I have been using Rocksbox for the last number of months (use code jennyonthespotxoxoxo and get your first month free if you decide to try them out). I logged into my account before the last box was sent out and told my stylist I am looking for pieces for a wedding. Sure, I could have gone to Claires, but let’s be real…

I’d show you a picture of the dress I am going to wear (I will always carry the vision of that Badgley Mischka in my heart… I mean, that green would totally bring out the salon made hand-crafted highlights in my hair)… but sharing a picture of the dress I am going to wear before I wear it would be almost as bad luck as the groom seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding, right?!

Also, the dress is at the cleaners and practical reason is practical.

Oh, and those earrings. Maybe I’ll wear those on the airplane. And today when grocery shopping and stuff.

Come to think of it that necklace would look great with that green dress. The earrings would look good with that green dress… That sure is a pretty dress…

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