Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Method is Doing With Ocean Plastics

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Sponsored

Reduce, reuse, recycle… the people at Method are doing something about ocean plastics.

As you know (I assume you know, you know?), there is plastic in the ocean.

The ocean wasn’t born with plastic in it.

We did that.


But you know… the hand soap people… The dryer sheet ditching people. The CLEAN HAPPY people

They are making a difference. They are not going to rid the ocean of all the plastic, but with their effort they are making a small difference and setting a big example to other industry. Reducing what is going into that landfill in Hawaii… by reusing.


They don’t HAVE to. But they want to. Because that is the kind of people and company Method is.

This month Method is celebrating the launch of Method’s 2-in-1 Dish + Hand Soap. This soap is packaged in the world’s first bottle made of recovered ocean plastic. This line of hand & dish soap comesin Sweet Water and Sea Minerals fragrances and is available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets and online at

Method makes bottle out of ocean plastic

To learn more about ocean plastic and what Method is doing, visit this page or click on the image above.

*Disclosure: I am privileged to be working with Method as a brand ambassador… one of their Method Mavens. I have chosen to work with Method because they are a company I love. And adore. My high opinion is born of adoration a great respect for Method, not of business partnership. But the business part is really cool.*


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