RediClinic: A Walk-in Clinic Located in Select Rite Aid Stores!

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Health, Sponsored

*This post is sponsored by RediClinic, a walk-in clinic. All opinion is my own!

Have you ever needed medical care in a pinch? Have you ever just wanted to get in (walk-in, perhaps??), get treated, and feel better without the hassle/hustle of working around a doctor’s packed schedule?

Enter: RediClinic, a walk-in, convenient care clinic located in select Rite Aid stores, and staffed with board-certified nurse practitioners (affiliated with MultiCare)!

I got to hang out with and interview one of RediClinic’s clinicians, Jess Ream, to learn more about RediClinic. 

Interview with RediClinic clinician, Jess Ream

Below you will find a sample of Jess’ creative side that graces the walls at the Sammamish RediClinic. You need to see this:

Needlepoint flue and strep strains

Watch out, Pinterest!

We shot a Facebook LIVE video where we chatted about RediClinic. It was a great interview, with some connectivity issues that made it choppy. If you watch this one you will see me dodge traffic, and avoid capturing innocent bystanders on video! You can view that LIVE sesh here

Since I really want y’all to get a good idea of the great things RediClinic offers, and some was lost in that Live chat, we shot a condensed interview as well:

(Trouble viewing? Watch HERE.)
If video isn’t your thing, here’s some of that info for your reading eyes:

  • RediClinic operates seven days a week!
  • They offer a WIDE variety of services… treating pollen-afflicted patients with allergies, helping kids complete their sports physicals and vaccine requirements for school, and helping travel enthusiasts get their travel vaccinations and medications all squared away. And just-in, they now offer the new Shingrix “Shingles” vaccine!
  • RediClinic is staffed by board-certified clinicians, providing high-quality healthcare to diagnose and treat over 30 common medical conditions. You won’t go there for your open heart surgery, but you will be able to go there for general ailments that need intervention sooner than later because who can wait for a doctor’s appointment days away and sometimes we put things off (like school, camp or sports physicals) until the VERY last minute.
  • Most major insurance plans are accepted – copay is the same as your doctor’s office copay, and for cash paying patients… visits begin at $89.
  • RediClinic offers same- or next-day appointments… all conveniently located within select Rite Aid stores, so you can pick up that prescription. Or potato chips.

Potato chips are a comfort food. For me. Sick me likes potato chips.

Healthy me likes potato chips too, but I digress.

RediClinic is a convenient option for the busy individual and family… from screenings, immunizations, and physical exams. Or even that cough that just won’t go away on its own. 

Take a few minutes to check it out and learn even MORE about RediClinic online here.

It was so awesome to get to meet one of the folks working and caring for patients at RediClinic! It’s one thing to read what someone writes about a service, but getting a more in-depth introduction and hearing from someone who is part of the system is a great opportunity. I am excited to have had the chance to bring this experience to y’all… isn’t it awesome that RediClinic wants to give you a more detailed, personal look into their program?

As the hashtag says, they truly are #RediWhenYouNeedUs. Again, visit RediClinic here for more information!



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