Taking Snacking to the Next Level #SimplyNice

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*I was asked to participate in the the #SimplyNice campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.


It’s a big deal in my house.

Taking Snacking to the Next Level

I have two teens and one almost-teen, and there is almost always one or more friends over (usually more)… and the only topic that gets more attention than the use of mobile devices in our house is FOOD.

Snacks. Breakfast. Lunch. Snacks. Dinner. Snacks. Food. Food. Food. Food. Food. FOOOOOOOOD!

You may know Walgreens as a place to fill a prescription, or a place to find skincare products, make-up, greeting cards, or batteries, but are you aware Walgreens also carries some great snack options too? And well-priced too!

I’m not just talking about chips and licorice. Of course you can find chips and licorice at Walgreens, but the their own brand, Nice!, has a great selection of snack foods that will bail any mom out in a pinch, without breaking the budget.


I feel like I’m in a pinch all the time.

I found some wonderful snack-sized snacks when I visited Walgreens the other day, that are perfect for grabbing from the pantry and tossing into a purse or backpack while running out the door.

I like keeping more hearty items on-hand especially when my son’s football buddies show-up. Their snacks need to be a bit more than crackers these days. 

Nice! pizza rolls from Walgreens

I discovered Walgreens’ Nice! brand has a great selection of freezer snacks from to pizza rolls to buffalo wings (honey BBQ, traditional, and Sriracha!) to french fries to stuffed pretzels  to mozzarella sticks..

And of course all those snack-sized packets, and a wonderful selection of nuts…

Nice! brand a Walgreens snacks

AND Nice! takes snacking to the next level by offering selections containing no GMOs, gluten-free options, and organic options as well… in addition to omitting trans fats, PHOs and artificial ingredients. 

ANOTHER AND: Choosing what is best for your family is made easy because they have created a great transparent packaging system so you can easily see and find what you are looking for.

Nice! Transparent Packaging #SimplyNice

You can pop over to this video here that details Nice! brand’s true commitment to their promise on their packaging: Simple. Honest. Delicious.

Do you want to know my little secret? I like that my kids’ friends like to come to our house. A great way I ensure they keep wanting to come to our house is… FOOD. 

Chips are a definite go-to.

Nice! snacks from Walgreens

But it’s nice (heh – pun not intended, but fitting!) to be able to offer something a little more… a heartier snack, without compromising our retirement, and without compromising on food quality (did I mention there are no trans fats and no PHOs in Nice! brand foods?!!)…

I am rather impressed with the snack selection and the price point at Walgreens. So unexpected! The kids LOVE the pizza rolls and chicken wings…

Son enjoying Nice! pizza rolls from Walgreens

Yep. That’s my shirtless kid in the kitchen… devouring Nice! Honey BBQ Chicken Wings and Pizza rolls… he filled his plate, swallowed it up, and headed out to fundraise in the heat for the football team. But before he left he said, “Can you get more of those wings, mom?”

He doesn’t know about the stash in the freezer… you never know when a gaggle of those guys will barrel through the door!

I’m curious, did you know about Nice! at Walgreens? Were you aware of the broad selection of snack items at Walgreens? Did you know they proudly offer non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free options?  Pretty cool, right?

So…. what is your go-to snack when a bunch of kids invade YOUR kitchen?

One more thing – don’t miss out on a chance to win! Winning is fun! Check out this nice (punny!), delicious sweepstakes and enter for YOUR chance to win!

Nice! at Walgreens #SimplyNice Sweepstakes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walgreens. The opinions and text are all mine.


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