Positive Fight Mode for Ian – Call for Photos!!!

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The team at Positive Fight Mode for Ian is making a call for photos!!!

Positive Fight Mode for Ian photo project via @jennyonthespot
Don’t know what PFM for Ian is? You can read-up about the story of Ian, a local first grader, who is fighting leukemia HERE.

Our local community has activated like GANG-BUSTERS. Since the end of September, this community and donations from all over have come together to bring in $40,000 towards a $100,000 goal.

Like, in 6 weeks.

INSANE, right?

BEAUTIFUL, right?!!!!

From lemonade stands to coin drives to businesses donating portions of sales to a magnificently prepared all-local farm dinner. Or was it dinners? A concert at a local coffee shop…  An upcoming interfaith choir concert (OH IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZEBALLS!)… A LOT of effort and creative giving is taking place.

But pictures.

The PFM for Ian team is putting together a video for Ian and his family, and you, you, you and YOU (yes I am looking at you!) are invited to join in.

Not local?

NO PROBLEM. It’s easy and the goal here is to send messages of hope and love and prayers and goodness… and if you can donate (here)… that is SUPER-DUPER-CANCER-KICKING FABULOUS!

Please submit your photo(s) showing how you have shown you care or share your message about cancer. [FOLLOW THIS LINK]

For Ian.

For his family.

Our efforts in support don’t just fill a financial need… our support is also a way to encourage a family that needs lots of it as they walk with their son and little brother through his fight with cancer.


I know there are a lot of causes to give to, especially this time of year. Thank you for considering our local little hero…

Ian Gunnell scares cancer
Visit the Positive Fight Mode for Ian Facebook page… LIKE! Keep up on the latest support efforts, and how this brave kiddo is doing!


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