Peace and Motherhood: Can They Coexist?

by | Jan 23, 2005 | Parenting/Family

At my last MOPS meeting, my friend Karen talked about peace.

Peace and Motherhood: Can They Coexist?

Karen had 3 boys within 4.5 years… they are now 7 and up. The woman has walked through the fire of being a mother of 3 preschool boys and is worthy to be listened to. She is a well-spring of joy.

So, peace.

Peace and preschoolers are about as polar-opposite as north and south.

Karen shared stressors that keep peace from motherhood, no big surprises. She compared the similarities between moms and POWs – sleep deprivation, noise, loneliness…

Man, motherhood can sure sound awful.

I have to say, it certainly has it’s moments, but God knew what he was doing when he made little ones so stinkin’ cute!!!

What hit home for me was this question, “Is my stress primarily from raising children or might there be some underlying issues I need to look at?”

I definitely feel stress related to mothering. However, I am coming to realize my reactions/responses/apathy may be fed by some “underlying issues”.

For me, underlying issues would be some anger and resentment. I am just really realizing how these issues impact my family, though any particular “issue” may not be at the immediate surface.

If these things are UNDER the surface, isn’t there potentially always some amount of contortion ON my emotional surface???

As the days tick by and the arrival of my third child draws near, my longing to work towards resolving inner conflict and chaos grows stronger. More peace in my heart means more peace in my home. That’s the environment I want to create. If this could be my only success, it would be a great legacy of blessing for my children…

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