Parenting: You Can’t Please Everyone/Anyone

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Thank goodness the point of parenting is not to please people.

You Can’t Please Everyone

However, that’s not what “everyone” thinks. In the age of this here, High Internet, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE not to fall under the judgement of, um… EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET.

One person criticizes helicopter parenting while another comments:


Aside: this “dangerous area”… A ZOO.

If you think I am rolling my eyes. I AM. I welcome you to join me.

Apparently zoos are as dangerous as electrical plants and construction zones and children should not be allowed at zoos…


These comments are in reply to an article regarding the tragic events at the Cincinnati Zoo.

These two comments are not the most insane out there.

Word on the street/internet the mom has received death threats.


I usually lay low on hot topics, but for whatever reason, this just got my goat. I do not have all the details… WE do not. I hear the fence around the gorilla area was too low. I hear the mom took a picture which caused her to not have her eyes literally on her kiddo 24/7. I hear the kid said he was going to go see the gorilla. People thought that was a BIG DEAL.

A preschooler. At a zoo. Saying he wanted to see the gorilla.

KIDS SAY A LOT OF THINGS. And I am sure this kid was not the first with intent.

My problem? The extreme judgement on the mom. She may not be the perfect mom, but neither am I. I have had a kid run into a parking lot, a kid found knee-deep in a shallow pond… I’ve found a kid sucking on a FULL BOTTLE OF SYRUP. I’ve had a kid touch a hot pan, hot stove… a kid head down a gravel hill on a bike.

I had one kid get a splinter on a swing set that festered and there was surgery and and… clearly children should not be allowed to play on swing sets either.

Kids are amazing at their stealth and resolve. The commenters that cannot comprehend how a 4 year old is faster than an adult – I will take the risk and say that a person who cannot understand THAT 4 YEAR OLDS ARE LIGHTENING FAST AND MORE STEALTH THAN THE STEALTH BOMBER… that person is stupid and should have their right to vote taken away.

Yes. I used the “S” word.

It is ridiculous.

That person is probably the one who sues over hot coffee being hot and thereby ruins everything for everyone.

As if I’ve not written enough. Here’s more:

The problem with live video is… I can’t finesse the content to turn the rambling into a more coherent piece.

But whatever.

People are nuts. THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD.

Hot coffee is hot.

Curling irons are also hot.

Kids have minds of their own and parenting is 37% being the boss and teaching and 100% hoping luck is on your side.

Sun time without sunscreen causes cancer!

Suncreen causes cancer!

No wonder we’ve gone mad.

I don’t have a problem with kid leashes, but WHY DO WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE KIDS MUST BE LEASHED?

Are the kids worse or the parents or the public or or or… is anything even “worse” or HAVE WE GONE MAD.

How did the human species ever make it to 2016 without suncreen and kid leashes?!!!!

Babies should be breastfed exclusively! Babies should not be breastfed in public! Mothers should live in a hole for 18 years! (I love this video, btw…)



Like the gal who commented on a post about not ringing the doorbell as to not wake the baby: “Just train your baby to sleep through noise”.


It doesn’t work that way.

Parenting is not a recipe.

Kids are unpredictable.

Accidents happen.

And how folks seem to feel they can respond to people on the internet is 100% BANANAS.

We have lost our minds.

Nay, our souls.

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