Pantone 448 C – The World’s Ugliest Color

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The verdict is in.

Pantone 448 C is the world’s ugliest color! A.K.A. Opaque Couché!

Pantone Ugliest Color - Pantone 448 C - Opaque Couché via @jennyonthespot

I stumbled on this video on Facebook announcing this breaking news…


But I kept watching.

I’m a sucker.

I’m glad I did. No really, I am legit glad. Now I can drop a little knowledge in a lagging conversation at the next cocktail party I go to, “So how about that Pantone 448 C?”

Turns out the researching is an effort to find a color to use on cigarette packaging that will help smoking appear less attractive.

I think they need to add a photo of someone smoking through their tracheotomy hole on the packaging, but that’s just me.

Anywho… I find it all fascinating. So fascinating, in fact, I decided to write about it.

Go figure.

I am not a designer, but I like to make things. And the things I make I like to make them look pretty or cute… Not only because I like pretty things, but I often share the things I make or display the things I make in my home… and basically what I am trying to say is I guess I really do care what people think about me and my good taste in things.

But I digress.

I actually think Pantone 448 C isn’t THAT bad. Unless you need to use that color for sexy marketing.

I think it needs to be further defined:

Pantone 448 C: The World’s Ugliest Color for Selling Things

And that name you guys… THE NAME!!!

Opaque Couché

And now “couché” is at the top of my least-favorite words.

The new chic put-down, “OMG. She is sooooo Opaque Couché.”

Pantone Ugliest Color - Pantone 448 C - Opaque Couché via @jennyonthespot

Think of that color on a McDonald’s french fry box.

Or as the new green for the Starbucks Siren.

What is the Pantone color for 2016?

It’s actually TWO colors (that’s a first!):

PANTONE color of the year Rose Quartz & Serenity

(photo here)

My first reaction is, “HELLO 1984 WALLPAPER IN MY PARENT’S HOME”.

I promise you guys we had wallpaper that color.

And it was actually quite lovely. IN 1984.

My second reaction… they are rather pretty. Together. Alone, they are very baby-shower-ish.

Actually, I think that pink was the color of my 8th grade graduation dress. Howdy 1987.

Maybe it was more mauve. I gotta find that photo…

I just miss the color of 2013… and 2005/10… and 2009…

Pantone's colors of the year 2000-2015

(photo and more info here)

Poor 2015. I can’t imagine Marsala would look good on cigarette packaging either…

What do you think? What year was your favorite? What do you think about Opaque Couché? DO you even care???

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