The Oscars Red Carpet BINGO (Free Download!)

OK guys.

The Oscars Red Carpet BINGO, y’all

Sure, sure…there are some good movies nominated for an Academy Award.

There are some amazing actors up for the award too.


Fashion always gets overlooked at the Academy Awards.

Of course I’m kidding.



Clearly there is room to grow.

So until that happens… how about a game?

Everybody loves BINGO, right? The more I play games like Bingo, the more it makes me want to check out something similar to casinoeuro to continue playing online casino games.

How about a little game of Oscars Red Carpet Bingo? Before you have a game a bingo pop over to https://www.bestbingobonuses.co.uk and check out the sign up bonuses.

Oscars Red Carpet Bingo
I made the bingo cards… who wins what is up to you.

I have some prize suggestions though…

For a blackout winner I suggest the prize of a blowout at your favorite salon, or a mani. Or pedi. Or a mani-pedi!

For the standard across or diagonal win, how about a gift certificate for an eyebrow wax and tint?

Maybe I should have included “Eyebrows On Point” in one of the boxes.

Or maybe the winner should receive a chocolate bunny. It’s Easter-ish, so they should be pretty easy to find. Besides if you score a bunny packaged in gold foil – they kind of look like a trophy!

Don’t have a bingo dauber? Fret not, just use that old pencil eyeliner instead. Pencil eyeliner isn’t on trend right now anyways. For an ultra easy alternative you can gamble online instead, or even using phone casinos!

In this download (did I mention it’s free?), you will receive a set of 5 Oscars Red Carpet Bingo cards. I suggest printing on card stock, but you can use regular paper as well. Card stock is just sturdier so if you spill champagne on your card, it should hold up better.

In addition to this set of bingo cards, you will probably want:

  • Friends (Bingo is a tough one to play alone)
  • Champagne (or some form of fermented grapes)
  • Chocolate and/or an assortment of delicious cheeses
  • Popcorn?
  • A sense of humor would probably be good too.

Oscars Red Carpet Bingo Printables
Click on the above image to download the printable, or click here.

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