One Pin a Day = 7.93972602739726 years: Oh Pinterest

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Artsy Craftsy

I got to thinking.

About Pinterest.

About all the pins I’ve pinned.

The inspiration.

The plans.

The dreams.

The hopes.

The pressure.

The guilt.

In the 3+ years I have been riding the Pinterest train, I have created quite the to-do list.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.23.51 PM

If I accomplished, re-created, wore, framed and hung, and bought everything I have pinned I would not only be throwing the best parties, I would have the most fabulous walls and re-finished furniture.

I would be perfectly and amply accessorized from my head to my feet.

I would be broke.

And alone.

My family would probably leave me as I drowned in the tasks and testing of making my own vegan mayo… As I busily fried, sewed, hot glued, mason jarred, LOL’d, and inspired my way to creating the most Pinteretsing life.

I said to myself, “Self? How many pins do you have?”

I had to consult the calculator for such mathness.

In 3+ years I have pinned (at this writing, at least) 2,898 things.

From recipes, to inspiration, to organizational hacks, to crafts, to sewing, to shoes and necklaces and earrings, to LOLs, to… EVERYTHING.

According to my math, if I were to make or do or incorporate all the ideas that have inspired me… At the rate of of one pin a day it would take me 7.93972602739726 years to do it all.


Basically… in 3 years, I created at least 8 years-worth of everyday work for myself.


That’s insane.

It’s hoarding, internet style.

But what if I lightened up on myself. Incorporating one pin a day is a lot of work, and potentially a lot of expense (I have pinned quite a few Kate Spade pieces) (and diamond rings). What if I only took on one pin a week?

If I only took on one pin a week… IT WOULD TAKE OVER 55 YEARS.


And that’s only if I PINNED NOT MORE.

Which… not gonhappen.

But let’s just say, if I pinned no more and took action on one pin a week, I would finish when I’m 91.

Does this realization mean I am going to stop pinning.

Absolutely not. I can’t quit you, Pinterest.

But all of this IS a little mind-blowing, yes?

And perhaps this casts a small light of the mania internet has contributed to.

I’m curious! How many years of crafting/baking/exercise motivation/outfit coordination do you have stacked up on Pinterest? Here’s a survey because… well… BECAUSE. Answer or not. I’m just curious/obsessives love company, and though I have no intention of quitting Pinterest, this little revelation has given me some pause has me thinking about how I can pin with a bit more intention and a little less teen-girl-obsession.

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