Office Depot is THE Back-to-School Shopping Destination.

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Thanks to savings & style, Office Depot is the place to go!

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Office Depot is an ideal destination for school essentials! Thanks to savings and style and a WIDE variety of designs, Office Depot products lets kids find school supplies that reflect their style.

Parenting note: It has taken me awhile to hand over my style control. But I find the kids take better care of things they choose, and they USE the things they love. Nothing makes me more crazy than buying something the kids need and they refuese to use/wear it becuase they do not like it. Or, as it is in our teen and tween days… they are embarrassed by mom’s choice. Moms. Dads. It’s hard to let go… can I get an AMEN?!

Office Depot doesn’t just have a wide assortment of product choices,  they also have a program to benefit local schools… possibly YOURS. Check to see if your school uses Office Depot’s School Supplies Checklist that provides 5% back to schools and allows parents and schools to earn free supplies to alleviate out-of-pocket expenses for teachers. Teachers can create a School Supplies Checklist with their corresponding school code so that shoppers who use their teacher’s list can help their schools get 5% back for free supplies.

I asked at the Office Depot I visited, and I had them look up my kids’ middle school code and got 5% of our spree applied to their school. Heaven knows they need every penny.

I know, instead of you hitting up the Google for more information… I’ll just link to it for ya. Check out Office Depot’s school supply checklist here:Office Depot School Supply Checklist. And sign up for the rewards program here: Office Depot Rewards program.

I know school starts at different dates across the country. Have your kiddos started back? If not, ARE YOU READY? DO YOU HAVE YOUR ENDLESS SUPPLY OF NOTEBOOK PAPER??? 

*Disclosure: I am participating in the #ODRewards campaign sponsored by Office Depot. For more information, about Office Depot Rewards, visit their website.

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