My Favorite Holiday Tradition Happens in the Kitchen

by | Dec 6, 2011 | Sponsored

My favorite holiday tradition is baking.

I love baking and/or making sweet treats with my kids.

Wait. I should qualify “with my kids”: Their *help* in the kitchen is rarely all that helpful, and at times it can be a bit messy and/or/and SLOW.


I am realizing my kids’ favorite tradition is making holiday treats (especially peanut butter balls!) and since they are 3 of my favorite people… making holiday treats has become a favorite for me.

Really, I love driving around looking at Christmas lights. Sure, my kids like looking at lights, but they could take it or leave it. They want to move and create…

My kiddos LOVE tradition and I am learning that our time in the kitchen plays a huge role in connecting us whether or not it is a holiday… but especially during the holiday season. Making holiday treats (specifically peanut butter balls) has become the #1 requested holiday activity around here.

Disclosure: we did NOT make them last year (long story…). And I have heard about that transgression all year long. If we don’t make those balls this year — it is entirely possible the world will end.


So. While my kids gear-up to wreak havoc in the kitchen… I will rev up my coffee pot, and add eggnog or maybe some International Delight Vanilla Caramel Cream (HAVE. MERCY! HAVE YOU TRIED IT?!!!) to my cup-o-peanutbutter-ball-making-gumption. A girl needs her caffeine while carrying on tradition of this sort.

P.S. Now I have that song Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head…

Tradition! TRADITION!

And I think now you do too!

You’re welcome. Now… happy tradition making!

Time in the kitchen Note: making pizza, not peanut butter balls. Just so you know.

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