Milk vs. Orange Juice: Another Win for the Protein Fight Club!

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Sponsored

Welcome back!

We are entering into the ring for week 3 of

Protein Fight Club on JOTS!

Am I taking this ‘fight club’ thing too far?


What IS Protein Fight Club, you ask? Well, it’s where people like me (a Milk Mustache Ambassador) share with you the match-ups between a protein-filled glass of milk and other breakfast options. I know for me personally, I have to start my day with a bit of protein if I am going to start my day right. (See also: Thank you to my friends at Milk for sponsoring this story today!) 

That video is my favorite Protein Fight Club video. I mean, really… orange juice in breakfast cereal? THAT’S SO SILLY!!!

Also, not to bad-mouth orange juice, but I can’t drink the stuff… the sugar-coma sends my day into an almost immediate tailspin. Though (full disclosure), I do drink it occasionally with champagne in it. So…

You know, I wonder what David Grotto’s take is on this whole milk vs. orange juice thing is…

Just as I thought. “Milk and it’s high quality protein turns that bowl of dry cereal into a SUPER bowl!”

So quippy, that David Grotto!

I have discovered my own little yummy add to my milk… chocolate greens! Protein AND greens AND chocolate. I know…it sounds gross: chocolate + greens. But it’s not. It’s yum. For serious. I have always loved a good glass of milk, with or without chocolate greens *wink*.

Milk and it's protein takes on orange juice and it's... pupl?
How does milk stack-up against orange juice? It’s no contest, really. Obviously milk wins in protein all over the face of OJ. And don’t even get me started on pulp. Who DOES THAT?!

And if you drink milk after you brush your teeth, the consequences are not nearly as dire as when one drinks orange juice after brushing one’s teeth. Everybody’s done it. Everybody just winced thinking about it.

Now, if you are reading this in the morning – GOOD MORNING! PROTEIN UP! If you are reading this not in the morning, PROTEIN UP anyway. It’s pretty easy with milk.

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