Me Or the House – Printable!

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It’s me or the house.

We both can’t look good.

Have you heard that saying before? I see a meme form pop-up on the internet every now and then and one day I was thinking… I need to frame that. SO I DID.


100% true.

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I shared it on Instagram. And the Facebook. And apparently I am not the only person this truth resonates so deeply with.

Have you met my Etsy shop, Jenny On The Spot? You can purchase an alternate version of this print over there:

It's Me Or The House. We Both Can't Look Good ... printable

For the free download I just ask that the use of this print is kept to personal use, not for resale. And please don’t share the file anywhere online… but feel free to share the link to this post all you want! Thanks so much *heart pulse emoticon*

What’s cool about printables is you get your goods right away, and they’re so affordable! I switch-out the printable art I hang in my home A LOT. I use printables to inspire and/or to just provide a little comic relief 😉

For this one and all my printables, I recommend using a nice card stock. I create them to print on white paper (or a version of it), but of course you can do whatever you’d like! Print on basic 8.5 x 11 paper and is made to fit perfectly in standard 8×10 frames. Prints nicely at 5×7 as well. If you know how to make your printer do what you want, you can make postcards or even cards to hand out. I love printables!

Oh, I gotta highlight one more print in my shop on account of the upcoming holiday… St. Patrick’s Day! This is a fun one to put up, or leave as a not after a little St. Patty’s Day shenanigans 😉

The leprechauns made me do it printable

OK! OK! Here’s that print! Just click on this link, download and PRINT: It’s Me Or The House Jenny On The Spot

Leave a comment if you encounter any hiccups!


It's Either Me Or The House Printable</div)

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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