Making Summer Fun: For Both Mom and Kids

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Artsy Craftsy, Parenting/Family

So here’s the thing about Summer…

It’s awesome and it’s awful all at once.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but maybe I’m not.

Making Summer Fun (ner)

I love summer because the chaotic schedule loosens up. I love summer because it is warmer than January. I love summer because it means there is more time available during the day to spend with my kids.

And also more time to spend with food that is barbecued.

Then again, a lax schedule and three kids who are used to going, going, going means there are three sets of eyes on me to set the tone for this non-schedule. Sometimes a dozen sets of eyes.

You know, playdates and such.

Maybe you have it all ironed out… If you do, I APPLAUD YOU. I am not even exaggerating.

But I am jealous. I do not have it all ironed out. Hitherhencetofore – strategery.

The Summer List

Making Summer Fun: Summer List

I found a HUGEMONDO chalkboard at Value Village .

The purpose of the summer list is to write down the things the family wants to do (or things you want to force think your family wants to do).

At the beginning of summer my family has lots of ideas and hopes for what we’d like to do… but the days tend to FLY by, and before we know it our opportunities for making fun summer memories are gone.

It goes so fast. We need to be intentional. A list helps. It helps the family (actually, ME) not lose sight of taking advantage of the very few months we have.

My tips for making YOUR family summer list:

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