Making Birthdays Extra-Special with Hallmark at Walgreens

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I’m not talking “bouncy house rental” extra-special. I believe that “extra-special” lives in the little details.






Making birthdays (extra)special was (and still is!) so important to my mom and dad.  You don’t have to spend a fortune as its the thought that counts. When I was a kid there was always a hand-painted birthday sign on butcher paper taped to the wall in the dining or living room, sometimes colorful balloons were scattered about the floor (I never heard them blowing up balloons the night before – how’d they manage that?!), and of course fun, colorful cards from all my family sat waiting on a festive table to be torn open first thing in the morning.

I have brought that tradition over to my family as well. It doesn’t take loads of money or time to make a child’s birthday extra-special. There doesn’t have to be a new bike in the living room on birthday morning for special to happen.

(Though a bike does make a birthday pretty special *wink wink*.)

Outside of the BIG stuff, what is one easy way to help make birthdays extra-special?

Hallmark cards!!!

They help bring the little details together… which is really what makes a kiddo’s birthday a big deal.

And nowadays, Hallmark cards have ALLLL the bells and whistles. Like this one! The Little Mermaid card comes with cute barrettes… Although the cards here are cute, which is what you want to go for when it comes to children, why not go that extra mile and find something like personalised birthday cards from Flowercard. They definitely won’t see this surprise coming and everyone will know that you put a lot more thought into customising and purchasing this card than just buying one from the store.

little mermaid hallmark card

And this one lights up and plays Star Wars™ MUSIC YOU GUYS!

Hallmark Star Wars Card at Wlagreens

Lucy chose the Star Wars™ card for a friend’s upcoming birthday party. I asked her why she chose the card…”BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME! I mean, the light, the music…STAR WARS!!”. Of course, per typical Lucy style, she had to add her own personal bells and whistles…

Birthday card fun with Hallmark cards with flair

Birthday card fun with Hallmark cards

Thanks to a robust section of kids cards at Walgreens, we loaded up on our last trip.

Hallmark Cards at Walgreens

(But SHHHHH, don’t tell my daughter Lucy… I already bought her card for her birthday next March!)

I am SO ahead of the game!

I found a Shake It Up! card with a zipper bracelet that I know Lucy will LOVE! She’s so into cards with flair and loves to accessorize. It’s absolutely perfect for her!

Hallmark Card haul from Walgreens @jennyonthespot

Pro tip! Stock-up! Not only does a stash of Hallmark cards from Walgreens come in handy when you get those last-minute birthday invites, but having cards on hand makes it easy to make sure your card isn’t late – whether the card is for your own child or for a child’s friend or cousin. I keep a box filled with cards… that way if we discover the PERFECT card 8 months before a birthday, we are not only prepared 8 months ahead of time, but we know where to find it!

Hallmark greeting card collection

Pro tip #2: Let your kids choose cards with you! I confess, at times I just go take care of… well…everything as I scramble to get my kids birthday party-ready. However, part of the fun of giving is investing your creativity when choosing the perfect card and gift. And there’s a bonus! It’s a great way to help a child learn how to think of and for others. Choosing cards is great practice, and a great way to establish a tradition of giving!


Of course, you HAVE to sign the card. But don’t just SIGN it. Keep crayons or colorful pens around and add a personal note, or joke, or draw a picture inside. Toss a lollipop in the envelope. Or curled ribbon. Or some confetti! My Lucy loves to add glitter! Actually, so do I!

Hallmark Wonder Woman Card for kids at Walgreens

I am particularly fond of the WONDER WOMAN™ card in this last picture. You can’t see it in the picture, but when you open the card it plays music too! I am a sucker for WONDER WOMAN™ and this card is so bright and fun! WONDER WOMAN™ is such a hit right now, I can’t think of any girl that wouldn’t get a kick out of this one!

And always remember… when it comes to making birthdays “extra-special” – it is in the details. As much as it’s easy to push the little details aside, our birthday boys and girls feel and appreciate the difference a little extra effort is made.

I know it made a difference when I was a kid, and bringing the tradition of making birthdays extra-special has become a treasured favorite for us all. And nowadays, they love to help make their siblings birthday mornings special too. I love that they are old enough to help, and you guys… it just fills my heart to watch them decorate and help us all prepare to celebrate their sibling’s special day.

So tell me, how do you make birthdays extra-special for your kids and their friends?



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