Just Call Me A "Creative"…




The word “crafty” gives a different feel than the word “creative”. Similar, but not the same.



Another two words that could be easily exchanged… But are different. Similar, but not the same.

I have stamps. I have VERY cute letter stamps. In my craft cabinet.

Today I worked with paint and wood *stamps* and really strong magnets and this tray-thing for the letters… and a big roller…

And I felt CREATIVE.

Not crafty.



*insert poetry reading snaps here*

Not that “crafty” isn’t a desirable descriptive…

But there’s something about being A Creative… as opposed to being crafty


I played with those images… filters and cropping and light. Shadows and depth… Something I think a Creative might do.

I am Into the Woods this weekend. Enjoying a different sort of creativity… instead of using my words to get my creative on… I got to use letters to create words… on paper. A story of color and texture and spacing…

It all felt so yummy, I almost could have licked that letterpress. But I didn’t.

I really didn’t.

I didn’t hug her either. I totally wanted to though…


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One Response to “Just Call Me A "Creative"…”

  1. Cool. Now what are ya going to with them?
    They look pretty awesome….
    can U put Jenny on the spot on a T shirt and sell the T shirts to your fans??
    I bet u could pull that off…

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