In Which I Tap Into My Inner Voice: Feeding the Family

by | Jul 28, 2011 | Food & Drink, Sponsored

Here’s the deal… healthy food is not always the yummiest food.

can't trick the trickers

Case-in-point? There was that one time in my mothering career where I tried adding wheat germ to anything that seemed to “receive” wheat germ well. Cleverly *ahem* I added it to oatmeal and sprinkled it about like I was some kind-of wheat germ fairy.

My takeaway: Fairies were meant to sprinkle glitter. Not wheat germ.

My inner voice said, “Jenny. There’s an easier way… One word: TURKEY.” And when Inner Me speaks, I listen…

My kids love meat:

Turkey Polska Kielbasa

And lucky us, because Hillshire Farm provides a wide variety of turkey products!

Soooooo…. let them (the children, the huz and also le mommy) eat turkey!

Turkey sausage, turkey Lit’l Smokies, turkey polska kielbasa, turkey slices…

My famil likes meat. I like my family to eat healthy. Win-win.

Speaking of winning… starting August 1st, watch the featured video on the Hillshire Farm Facebook page to download a $.55 Off coupon for any Hillshire Farm product.  THEN, if you post the offer on youe Facebook Newsfeed (or enter three friend’s email addresses) you can  upgrade to a larger coupon for $1 Off.

Talk about a win-win… meat and saving money! BOOM. POW!

*Disclosure: This is post number one in a series of four sponsored by Hillshire Farm, ya’ll!*


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