Ian’s Carol: An Interfaith Jubilee of Hope & Voices, feat. Groove for Thought!

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The morning of September 22nd, I received a forwarded email from my friend Andrea. About a local boy who attended my kids’ school… who was diagnosed on the first day of school with an insanely rare form of leukemia.

I wept.

I’m a mom. This little boy is just a year younger than my youngest… and despite some health scares of our own when my son was just 2… I simply cannot imagine what Ian’s parents face. My heart aches for those parents. For Ian. For his siblings as their lives become consumed by leukemia.

There are so many details about Ian’s journey. I encourage you to read the entire story here.

But I want to highlight a couple things – besides cancer.

1) A beautiful community. In the span of two months, our local community has rallied together to raise OVER $50,000 towards Ian’s care.


People in our small community have blown hope way up over the rainbow. Countless individual and small group creative efforts have raised over $50,ooo in 2 months.


In this economy, and with SO many charities and needs being brought at our feet everyday, it is amazing to see such tremendous local generosity.

2) A give AND receive opportunity:


Ian's Carol

A great deal of thought, planning, time, and effort has gone into creating a lovely evening of holiday music – all for the purpose of helping raise money for Ian’s continued fight. But also… it will be a night to come together as a community. The music will be sure to move… with choirs from several local churches, the Kitsap Chordsmen, the North Kitsap High School Chamber Choir, my husband gets to sing a song (note to self: bring tissue), and my Lucy will be joining 3 other young girls as they lead the interfaith choir into a beautiful arrangement of Silent Night.

They had a short practice last night, and I couldn’t help but tear up a little. So precious.

Oh… and Groove for Thought is making the trip from Seattle!!!

If you are local, I hope to see lots ALL of your faces there. I will be there. I am honored and rather humbled to fulfill the role as the evening’s emcee.

Tickets are $15 for individuals or $50 for families. Of course, giving more is always welcome! Doors open at 6. Concert starts at 7. Lots of tickets have been pre-sold, so I suggest getting there earlier than later. Sluys bakery is providing some treats, and Starbucks will make sure there is coffee to enjoy before the show.

AND SANTA! Santa will be there to charm children before the show.

SO MANY volunteers have worked hard to make this show something simply wonderful. The choirs are all giving their time on a December weekend to bless the Gunnell family. Gateway has generously offered their facility big numbers could be accommodated. We, the entire Ian’s Carol team are hoping to pack the place and once again show how this wonderful little community is capable of making a big, BIG impact on some big, BIG chemotherapy bills.

If you can’t be there, or if you are not local but would like to give, follow this link.

And if you just can’t give right now, maybe later… Ian has a long road ahead. But also prayer… pray, pray, pray. For Ian. For his mom and dad. For his brother and 2 sisters… for his doctors. Keep on praying…


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