Hunger Hero Interview: #FacesBehindHunger with Feeding America

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It’s easy to think, living here on the soil of this part of America, life is pretty good. With all the images of celebrity and opulence, it’s hard to see past the curtain of “excess”. Or in my suburban case… “Do I have enough this pay period to buy organic strawberries and peppers?”

*This story is sponsored by ConAgra Foods as part of their  Child Hunger Ends Here – #FacesBehindHunger Campaign. The story and my experience with Barney Garton are my own.

The thing is, there is a large portion of our population (me included) that doesn’t see the face of hunger very much. It’s not that we don’t care… At least I know in my small, very-non-urban community, we just don’t see it as we shuttle our children to sports practices and music lessons.

It’s amazing what seeing does. How witnessing aids in our compassion and understanding. Witnessing aids in our empathy. And often moves us to ACT.

And that is why I was asked to interview a local (to Seattle) Hunger Hero. A Hunger Hero is a person who works on the front lines, fighting agains hunger. A person who has been moved to act and help solve the very prevalent, but often hard to see problem here in the states – hunger.

Barney Garton has been volunteering at Food Lifeline for 7, maybe even 8 years.

Barney Garton, Hunger Hero Interview: #FacesBehindHunger with Feeding America

He goes to Food Lifeline (where food for area food banks are processed and repackaged) 3-4 times a week.

Food Lifeline in Seattle, a Feeding America Food Bank

Volunteers at Food Lifeline take food that is donated from individuals and companies and restaurants.


They stack and sort and repackage and organize and prioritize to get food out to the people that desperately need it.

Perishables being packaged to head out to area food banks

ConAgra Foods is doing their part too, but they need you. Me. Us. They are helping bring stories like this to our attention so we can be inspired and learn about something we may have little knowledge about. And they have created easy ways for YOU to help too!Feeding America Logo

Just look for the red pushpin and locate the code found on specially-marked ConAgra Foods products. For each 8-digit code entered at, ConAgra Foods will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America.


child hunger ends here pin

Did you know that more than one-in-five children don’t know where their next meal is coming from?  Nearly 16 million children in the U.S. are food insecure – meaning they don’t know how long the food they have will last, or whether their family will have resources to buy more.

There are many ways we can help solve the issue of child hunger and food insecurity here in America. In my video, you became acquainted with Barney and the action he takes to help solve the problem of food insecurity. How might you help? One convenient was is to look for that Red Pushpin on select ConAgra Foods products…


Which means one step in the fight agains child hunger in America.

To learn more about food insecurity, visit the visit the Feeding America website.

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