How To Make Owl Pancakes

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Food & Drink, Video

I stumbled upon an idea – OWL PANCAKES – in a magazine. I made said owl pancakes one day and thought… “HEY! I NEED TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS!”

Owl Pancakes via @jennyonthespot

When I went to make this video, I could not find the magazine… on account of MY LIFE. So, in full disclosure – this was not my brain child.

My brain child is probably sitting on a lounge chair on a tropical island… READING MY MAGAZINE.

I digress.

But we all know you can’t see the making of things in action in a magazine like you can in a video, hitherhencetofore…


Isn’t that fun?

You make:

  • • One oval/oblong pancake
  • • One small pancake
  • • Two half-dollar size pancakes

You’ll need:

  • • A marshmallow
  • • A strawberry (2 slices)
  • • Two chocolate chips
  • • A little chocolate syrup
  • • One cashew

I was thinking you can use whipped cream instead of the marshmallow. You can probably use banana or even a kiwi instead of strawberry slices. Strawberries aren’t in season here, so they are spendy. I’m sure you and your mad creative skillz can come up with all kinds of fun twists on this theme! WHO knew owl pancakes could be so fun?!

Anywho. If you end up making your own – I’d love to see a picture! Post one on my JOTS Facebook page!

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