How To Make a Lemon Twist

by | Jul 24, 2015 | Food & Drink, Video

It’s summer.

And while I’ve never been a big citrus fan, I am finding lemon is enticing me more and more.

Lemon BARS. Lemon WATER. Summer Shandy (it has lemon, just not in the name…).

And… lemon TWISTS.

Now, I don’t EAT lemon twists, but I do a appreciate them garnishing fancy drinks.

And in preparation for a an upcoming cocktail how-to, I taught myself how to make a lemon twist.

So BEFORE I show you how to make a French 75 (my very favorite cocktail), I want to show you how to make a lemon twist (assuming you don’t, but if you do…this video is short, but I like my way. Plus, I don’t have a channel knife, so…

THIS way of making your own lemon twist uses the basics of all basics in your kitchen – A LEMON AND A KNIFE. Which means – you could do this while CAMPING.

Get your lemon twist on, y’all!

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