Homegate Party: 6 Cleaning Hacks in a Pinch

by | Oct 12, 2016 | House & Home, Sponsored

The Seahawks can’t just go on the field without preparation and expect to win. Having a party for this Sunday’s big game? How about…

6 Cleaning Hacks in a Pinch!

And one can’t throw a party at home without some preparation and expect a clean place to party.

*This post is sponsored by P&G products available at Walmart. All opinion and quick-cleaning strategies are my own.

I’m not saying we have to hire  a house cleaner, but it does take some effort to be tailgate party ready.

Before my homegate party I head to Walmart for all the essentials And I don’t just mean FOOD essentials! I’m talkin’ about items like Bounty paper towels, Swiffer, Febreze, and let’s not forget about Dawn for those rogue, dirty dishes.


Everyone talks about the party food, but what about the cleaning?!

Guests don’t really notice it when it is done, but EVERYBODY notices it when it is NOT done.

Dirty dishes.


Dirty counter and tabletops.


Dog hair taking over the hardwood floors.


Not-so-fresh-ness hanging in the air…

As we gear-up for the next Seahawks game, Walmart is at the top of my list for party and pre-party essentials!

Outside of wiping and swiffering and spritzing the air… what other little techniques help make your home tailgate ready?

6 Cleaning Hacks in a Pinch!

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