Go Red For Women with the American Heart Association #YouGoGirl

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Ok ladies.

Lean in.

We need to chat.


*This is a sponsored post. I am working with the American Heart Association to help get our busy selves to the doctor so our awesome can be awesome for years and years and more years. All opinions and hope for our good heart health are my own…*

Go Red For Women with the American Heart Association #YouGoGirl

OK. Are you listening?

GOOD. This is important.

Get yourself to the doctor.


I just told you to get to the doctor.

Go Red for women

  • Get Your Numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose)
  • Own Your Lifestyle (stop smoking, lose weight, be active, eat healthy)
  • Raise Your Voice (advocate for women-related research & education)
  • Educate Your Family (make healthy food choices & teach your kiddos)
  • Donate (show your support with time or money)

Go Red For Women.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, ladies. We spend a great deal of time taking care of others. Here in my home, though I am not the only one who does anything around here… I am the one who leads the charge. If dinner happens, it’s my lead; if laundry happens – my lead; if toilets get scrubbed – my lead. The same goes with appointments with the math tutor, dentist, physical therapist, doctor, and on and on and on…

The thing is – I have found when it comes to scheduling time to take care of my own health… I lead myself the least. Philosophizing along the same vein that airlines do – one must give oneself the oxygen mask before assisting others. And by “oxygen mask” I mean “go to the doctor”.

When I was approached to work with the American Heart Association for their Go Red For Women campaign, it was an easy decision to join. As a mom… I have 3 kids I really want to see grow up, and as a woman – I have friends I want to grow old with so we can lament together about our empty nests and talk about the good old days.

I want to live long.

I want my ladies to live long.

And to live well. 

When was the last time you went to the doctor? BE HONEST.

I go for my lady doctor check-ups regularly, but I’ve not had a comprehensive check-up like a Well-Woman exam in more years than I have fingers on one hand.


We are coming up on the new year. I say this is a good GREAT time to set a very doable resolution — make a Well-Woman appointment for YOURSELF.

I have an appointment scheduled for this January. As do these gals…


Us going to our respective Well-Woman exams is almost just like going out for coffee, right? You go see YOUR doctor… I’ll go see MY doctor…. We can take selfies of it and then share our #YouGoGirl moment… yes? YES!

I’ll be doing it, along with these great gals and I hope you will to!

Go Red For Women with the American Heart Association #YouGoGirl

Meet my Go Red For Women partners in crime ladies @YaniraGarza, @BethRosen, @MJTam, @BostonMamas, and @GorgeousInGrey.

GO TEAM RED! #YouGoGirl!

Well-Woman visits are available to 100 million women through family physicians, OB-GYN, internist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. The visit is free to most, but of course you’ll need to check with your insurance coverage first.

You know…. it’s possible to have a serious condition like heart disease or the early warning signs of stroke without experiencing obvious symptoms? Did you know that heart disease cause more deaths in women in a year than all cancers combined?

We really need to be proactive when it comes to our heart health. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.

So. Go make your appointment! And then use #YouGoGirl and share about how you are taking action for your health… share about how YOU are taking action for YOUR health. I will be! Let’s get the word out so all our friends… moms… sisters… know to take their own very important step toward great health and living not only long, but well.

OK. Now. Go make that call!

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Go Red For Women #YouGoGirl

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