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What are Friday nights since having kids like  for you?
Friday nights since having kids with Today Parenting via @jennyonthespot

I filmed that with the Today Parenting Team at the Mom 2.0 conference (in Laguna in April) “on the spot”. You’d think by my blog name I’d perform a bit better in “on the spot” circumstances, but I feel like I kind-of choked.

So, may I add to my chaotic notions from that above video a bit?

Sometimes I miss the “old” Friday nights. But if I take a few extra moments to think about it… my kids are older and two of my three are of babysitting age and really… I don’t have to go through the ordeal of finding a babysitter and as long as one of the two are home, I have a spontaneous babysitter for the youngest. AND THAT IS AWESOME.

But on the flip side – I’M SO TIRED YOU GUYS.

“Netflix and chill” is truly a life goal.

Come evening, I don’t want to do anything but put on my comfy clothes and crack open a bottle of wine and/or have my husband make one of his fabulous whiskey concoctions. And then I want to sit on the couch and chill.

THEN AGAIN, if the house is a mess, it’s impossible for me to be able to enjoy a drink and a movie in my home so then I just want to go out so I can run away.

THEN AGAIN, until recently I had TWO teens with active social lives which meant evening driving. One of the two now drives, but I still have the 14 year old who has youth events, and teen staff events, and sleepovers, and… that all means I can’t even stay home a crack open a bottle of bubbly – BECAUSE I HAVE TO DRIVE.

And thought I have TWO built-in babysitters, I still have to make sure one of them is around to do said babysitting.

Outside of football season – there is no typical Friday night. Before kids, my evening planning was all about me and/or my husband and me. Before then, I was a studious college kid who hit up the occasional dance club. I did enjoy going out dancing. I still going out dancing.

But then again, I’ve gone out dancing at this age and it’s just not the same. DJs these days don’t know how to play the good stuff. And by “the good stuff” I mean the 80s.

All that to bring it back around… I do like what I said at the end… I really DON’T want the old Friday nights back.

I’m too ADHD for everything to stay the same anyway 😉

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