Free Association and Rocks Box Unboxing

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Life, Video

I think my least favorite part of writing is coming up with a title.

It was hard enough pre-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (which is long-wordy for: a title strategy so search engines will help people find you) (which kind-of feels like extreme evangelism) (if you have ever had to work on SEO that will totally make sense) (or it won’t) (I digress).

SEO killed the writer?


Probably the hardest part of online writing is creating a title.

And uploading photos.

In other news – my journaling.

I have been journaling over the last number of years.

I use the term “journaling” veeeeery loosely.

I guess my journaling is somewhat like writing in a diary, but much less exciting and I don’t use a lock.

My journal, however… recently… looks more like a to-do list that really needs to get done, scrambled with really scratchy jotted notes from conference calls.

When I first started my journaling adventure I included water color *art (*again, a term I use loosely) and washi tape.

Function hath taken over what was first an effort in creativity.

I recently discovered the art of sketchnoting and bought this book, this book, and this book in my effort to feed my creative hunger.

But the thing is – I cannot get journaling to move from my option list in life to my MUST DO TO LIVE list in life.

I guess I would say finding/making time to exercise and making my journal more than a thick to-do list are always, shall we say… toe-to-toe in the boxing ring.

If time were a boxing ring.

And there can only be one winner.

Both are so battered by the end, the winner isn’t even really that much of a winner.

I think I would be so much more interesting if I was getting in awesome workouts and creating beautiful written and/or drawn journal entries.


Is this a mid life crisis?

Aren’t I supposed to want to drive a 2 person convertible for my mid-life crisis?

Instead, I just want to be able to jump from a chair after grabbing the dishes I keep too high without feeling the aches and pains of age… and also to be able to draw anything someone asks with nothing more than a black ballpoint pen and do it in 4 lines or less.


And what is mid-life anyway?

Hey. I’m really thinking of launching a podcast.


I mean, maintaining a blog and a YouTube channel all bout oneself is not enough, right?

But I have been thinking about it. A lot. And then a friend reminded me of that thought again the other day, and I took it as a sign.

Because I take EVERYTHING as a sign.

The left arrow light turns green – IT’S A SIGN.

To turn left.

And whathaveyou.

I think I should end there. It is clear free association gets us nowhere. Or in a very confusing place. Like a complicated maze. Or like a flushing toilet that never stops flushing – round and round and round.

Hold on. I need to go proofread and see what I was writing about so I can know how to sweep this mess up… While you’re waiting for me to do that you can check out my latest unboxing video… It’s a Rocks Box Unboxing:

So there’s that.

And if you decide to check out Rocks Box and use code jennyonthespotxoxoxo you get your first month free. That doesn’t suck.

And I’m done proofreading. And on day 3 of a 3 day juice detox. I can’t even believe I am able to form words at this point.

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