Five Tips for Great Hair on a Budget!

I have seldom met a woman NOT on a budget.

Five Tips for Great Hair on a Budget

Tips for Great Hair on a Budget via @jennyonthespot

Some of y’all may have bigger budgets than others, but MOST of us have to stick to a budget.

And lady friends… I don’t know if it’s me (more high-maintenance) or the market, but self-care can be rather spendy.

*This post is sponsored by Alberto VO5. All commentary and opinion are my own*

I mean… if we really think about it: hair, nails, skin, make-up, style (read: SHOES), moisturizer (LOTS of it)… These maintenance costs can quickly rival any mortgage payment!

I kid.

A little.

So what are some ways to take great care of yourself and stick to a budget you can afford?

Define your budget. I often think about the basics (hair and make-up), but forget how the occasional facial and pedicure really add up. Knowing what you are spending on helps you prioritize and make decisions BEFORE you get into a financial bind.

Tips for Great Hair on a Budget via @jennyonthespot

Know when to buy. Basically… shop sales! Stores (grocery and department) all advertise and often have apps or email lists. Pay attention to the sales and take advantage of them. Stock-up! But careful… don’t buy more lipstick that you can use in two years *wink*

Choose your splurge items! Do a little research on your own… Some items may warrant top-dollar (like that trendy summer eye palette you saw at Sephora last week), and some don’t. The great-smelling shampoo and conditioners from Alberto VO5 (five-vitamin-formula-infused, paraben-free) come in at $.99-$1.19 a bottle. Therefore – you can easily make room in your budget for that fancy eye shadow palette AND have great looking hair that smells absolutely fabulous!

Don’t over-do-it. I wash my hair every-other day. I have a great brush I run through my hair each night that helps distribute the oil that builds up during the day, which means I can stretch that washing time… so I don’t have to dry my hair every day! But here’s the magic: once finished brushing, I add a little VO5 Shine, Glow and Go Beauty Oil Spray to the ends of my hair. When I wake-up my hair is less oily at the roots and less dry at the ends!

Tips for Great Hair on a Budget via @jennyonthespot

And finally – SMILE! Any smile can help distract from a bad hair day. Not that YOU ever have a bad hair day…

*This post is sponsored by Alberto VO5. All commentary and opinion are my own*

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