Favorite Things Friday

by | Jan 21, 2011 | Food & Drink

I’ve not done one of these in awhile! I am on the heels of a busy, busy week… heading into a busy weekend… which has me scurrying like a wild (albeit, happy) animal to get ready to leave for Blissdom on Tuesday.

*happy dance*

Speaking of happy… I am just gonna share with you some online spaces I just enjoy. I don’t get much online recreational time, but when I do… you might find me in one of these spaces… Except for #1. That’s just a color I have been in LOVE with lately, and want to paint all my furniture hues of this blue. It makes me happy….

  1. I want to look at this color all day long.
  2. This. THIS blue.Pinterest. It’s like a vision board only not so-much a vision as much as a lust-list. LOVE this site. LOVE.
  3. Polyvore. @brassydel sent me a tweet about this site recently. It’s like paper dolls, but awesome.
  4. Whatever. No, I am not sassing you. Whatever… Meg’s site is a favey favey fave. I love her use of color. I love her perspective… and her heart. When I think of Meg, I think of that blue color up there.

So. If you have some online recreational time… there are 3 places to get lost in. Maybe I’ll see you around the “neighborhood”! *wink*


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