Easy Immunization Record Tracking with Washington MyIR!

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Medical records.

More specifically, IMMUNIZATION record tracking.

Parents, did you just have an anxiety attack?

Immunization Record Tracking

Doesn’t it seem like requests for your child’s immunization records come at the VERY. WORST. TIME.

*This content is sponsored by MyIR. All opinion and interest in this program are my own.

How many times have you, in a panic, called or rushed to your child’s doctor’s office to get a printout of your child’s immunization records?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were an easier way?

I guess if I kept current copies of our immunizations, that would help… but I don’t… and with 3 kids keeping up-to-date copies could become a full time job.


You guys.

NOW THERE IS – Washington MyIR. Parents who register online can review, download and print their family’s official, state immunization records with Washington MyIR.

This program almost makes me more feel more excited than I feel about bacon!


 Do you need your child’s immunization records for school or sports or camp registration?

WA MyIR for sports, camp, school immunization record tracking

MyIR has you covered! Visiting a new doctor? Covered. Tracking new immunizations? COVERED. Never worry about know when that last tetanus shot was again! And it’s not just for kids – from your own records, to elderly family members… So I guess you wouldn’t be surprised if I tell you this could also come in verrrrrry hand when dealing with foreign travel.

WA MyIR for travel immunization record tracking

Register at WA.MyIR.net… so you can review, download and print your family’s official, state immunization records. And of course… it is secure! Just like online banking! Confidently access and inject more security into your family’s immunization records.

And not that security isn’t important to me… but I am most excited to have access to all our records right when I need them. Though I do plan ahead for some things, it seems when I need access to our immunization records, it’s never with time for me to plan ahead. I love, love, love the convenience that MyIR gives to busy families like mine.

FINALLY. Something about parenting that is EASY!

*This content is sponsored by MyIR. All opinion and interest in this program are my own.

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