Don't Fret the Sweat

by | Apr 20, 2011 | General, Sponsored

Body odor. There’s a reason perfumes and lotions are crafted to smell like roses or vanilla or coconut and not body odor.

No one likes the smell of B.O.


Body odor can start pretty young. As a parent, I found myself somewhat unprepared for the onset of body odor in my own children. I have always been the mom of LITTLE kids – body odor? Apple sauce and dirt was the extent of it.

But then one of my kids, out of the blue, openly asked to start using deodorant, because it was what all the friends were doing. While another was silent and struggled to solve the problem on her own… until Momma started putting the pieces together… frequent showering and a growing obsession with grooming…DFTS and Facebook Logo

I had the opportunity, along with several other moms, to sit and chat with with Rosiland Wiseman author of Queen Bees and Wannabees about tweens. We discussed the tricky tween years, and the challenges moms face in ‘stopping their tweens’ stink.’

There is no “set age” when it comes to the many changes tweens, even pre-tweens, experience. It is so important for parents to be there to help our kids walk through this strange land of hormones, growth spurts and new odors.

Are you a parent of a tween? If you have young kids, just you wait.. it is coming. Perhaps sooner than you think. But three cheers for resources. Parents, don’t fret the sweat!

Seriously, swing by and the Don’t Fret the Sweat Facebook page (sponsored by Unliever – maker of Degree, Dove and Suave deodorants) for money saving offers and expert tips, tools and real life stories about how parents helping their tweens become confident and self-reliant teens.

*Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Bliss TV and Unilever. Opinion and passion about not fretting the sweat and talking with your kids about this stuff is all mine!


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