#DogTales and See What Good Food Can Do with PEDIGREE®

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It is entirely likely that you know about our dog Kevin.

But did you know we got him from the Humane Society as a vewy sweet wittle puppeh?

A boy and his dog.That cute wittle boy holding Baby Kevin was very excited to bring that pup home. That picture was taken at the shelter. While waiting for all the paperwork to be completed, Joel got to get some snuggle time with his new buddy, also known as his birthday present.

Not a bad way to ring in 10 years, ehh?

So when PEDIGREE©, the sponsor of this post (disclosure), asked if I would be part of helping spread the word about the See what good food can do campaign and share my family’s story about our shelter dog, the decision wasn’t difficult. We found a treasure of a pup at our local shelter and we value the care given to our Kevin before he made it to our home… his forever home.

We (both Kevin and our family) were fortunate… we found him as a baby doggy. 8 weeks. So his shelter time was limited. But that isn’t the case for every dog. In fact, that isn’t the case for a lot.

So why is the See what good food can do program so important and great? Every time a dog lover shares their tale with #DogTales on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, PEDIGREE© Brand will donate a bowl of food to a shelter in need.

Donate a bowl of food!

One tweet here, one Facebook post there, another Instagram share over there, and the bowls of donated food can really add up! PEDIGREE© really will be able to show what good food can do…

Did you know more than 4 million dogs enter shelters each year? Because of that, PEDIGREE© has worked tirelessly to help support the transformation of shelter dogs into pets with loving forever homes by donating millions of dollars and good food to the cause.

The healthier the dog, the better chance of finding a home. And that is the goal, to home these animals who have so much love to give…

Now you/we can be part of helping shelters and helping dogs. Next time you post a status on Facebook, share a story of your dog and include the hastag #DogTales

If it wasn’t for our shelter, we wouldn’t have this sassy guy…

Kevinated gifDid I just create an animated gif of our dog?


And if our local Humane Society didn’t have the resources they needed to feed and care for our Kevin before he landed in his forever home, then our puppy Gus wouldn’t have had a big brother to steal a bed from.

brothersOh Kevin… He really is a wee, little puppy at heart.

It is tight times all around. Supporting a program like See what good food can do with PEDIGREE© is especially important. And with this one, it’s easy to join in… just hastag YOUR story.


I mean…

Kevin supports the See what good food can do campaign with PEDIGREE©Look what we have to gain.

Action time!!! Please take a moment to share a sweet something about your dog on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram… making sure to include the hashtag #DogTales and help a shelter out while other dogs wait patiently for their forever home.

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