Do You Have Enough Time?

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Health, Sponsored

That’s a rather ridiculous question, right?

“Do you have enough time?”


Do you have enough time? Make it with Wa MyIR
With the craziness of all there is to do… it is a battle to find enough time.

*This content is sponsored by MyIR. All opinion and interest in this program are my own.

That’s why I love this quote by Rachael Birmingham, “It’s not about having enough time, it’s about making enough time.”

It really isn’t about having time, it’s about MAKING it.

There is a reason “life hacks” are so popular.

Don’t have enough time? MAKE IT!

Which leads me to the question… What are we making time for?

I am fighting harder than ever to make time for my family. My oldest is nearly 17 and the fact that his time under our roof is painfully limited is a sobering reminder. Our family as it looks right now will look very different in just a couple years.
Sitting down at dinner will be different.

Family vacations will be different.

Time flies? OH YES IT DOES.

That is why discovering tools like Washington MyIR are essential. MyIR provides families a way to track immunization records with ease. And by “with ease”, I mean – saves TIME.

Washington MyIR is ideal for:

  • • Proof of immunization for school or camp registration
    • Seeing a new healthcare provider
    • Tracking boosters and yearly immunizations, like the flu shot
    • Managing immunization records for an elderly parent
    • Preparing for foreign travel

Through MyIR you can save time. AND be organized. When a need arises that I need immunization records for anyone in my family, I have them in the click of a login… It just takes a little time up-front to sign-up.

I can’t tell you how much precious time I have lost on the phone, tracking down records… or digging through my file cabinet looking for immunization records, only to find they weren’t totally current.

Any tool that can help save precious time… I am a HUGE fan.

So be sure to swing by MyIR (available in my own state of Washington, and also in Arizona, Louisiana, and West Virginia) and get signed up. Make some time, so in the long run you will HAVE more time.

*This content is sponsored by MyIR. All opinion and interest in this program are my own.

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