Holiday Craft Time! Let’s Make a JOY Sign!

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Artsy Craftsy, Video

Hi guys!

It’s Holiday Craft Time! Let’s make a JOY sign, shall we? There’s a lil’ bit of sawing involved, and then a fair amount of glue.

It’s a JOY sign!

JOY sign via @jennyonthespot

I just grabbed a couple 6 foot boards (already stained) over there the Home Depot… then I found a J and a Y at Michaels (*similar here)… and a red wreath that I found that at Target. But I really wanted a green boxwood wreath *like this one.

I batted my lashes at my husband and he cut the boards to my chosen size (39″), and then he fastened them together per my specific instructions, “I want you to do what you do and put them together however you do such things.”

So he fastened the two boards together and he lived happily ever after.

Typing out the instructions is a bit labor-intensive so I put together the video… I know I learn better by watching.

I love the way the JOY sign turned out. And you know… it does just that – it gives me JOY 🙂

JOY sign via @jennyonthespot

It’s perfect for the season, and the heart. Merry Christmas, y’all! May your hearts and homes be filled with joy. And laughter. Lot of it.

*Originally shared December 2015*

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