10 College Tips for Parents

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10 College Tips for Parents

Raise your hand if you have a kid going to college soon! Raise your hand if you have a kid IN college!

OK. Maybe you are sitting at your computer in your kitchen, alone, raising your hand. Or maybe you are reading this on your phone in a coffee shop and you just raised your hand and everyone is looking at you. You can put your hand down now.

I have one high school graduate who completed a couple of college terms, a high school senior, and a freshman. In short: I am raising my hand with you!

My son went the community college route so I have not yet experienced the kind-of parenting where your baby moves away and off into wild, wild, west of college life. But I have A LOT of friends who have, and it appears with my senior daughter… I will be sitting in that seat within the next year. 

Over the last couple of years, I have reads COUNTLESS Facebook shares of pride and lamenting as friends have sent off their “babies” to college. Therefore, it seemed a fantastic place to go for advice for those of us who are gearing-up for this next *wonderful* phase of parenting. So here follows 10 college tips for parents BY parents!

College is a financial investment. A BIG one. Research shows that more than half of parents are worried about the financial investment of college, but many parents don’t know that there is a solution to provide peace of mind – tuition insurance! I know I didn’t know about it until Liberty Mutual reached out to me.

So this tip comes from our sponsor, Liberty Mutual – Tuition Insurance. Liberty Mutual’s newest offering is basically… peace of mind! Tuition Insurance helps protect a family’s investment if a student must withdraw from school. Students who withdraw mid-term often do so during a time of crisis or emergency, something no one wants and never expects. Tuition insurance provides reimbursement for the unforeseen – accidents, illnesses, and other covered reasons that cause a student to unexpectedly need to withdraw.

  • Many institutions offer limited or no reimbursement options regardless of circumstance. Tuition insurance helps fill this gap of the unknown.
  • Liberty Mutual Tuition Insurance is not one-size-fits-all. Their product allows students and parents to customize coverage – whether for a semester or for an entire year, and can even be tailored to include or not include extras such as room and board.
  • Unlike signing up for the FAFSA or writing a college application essay, it is easy to sign up for Liberty Mutual Tuition Insurance. Visit LibertyMutual.com to get a quote by answering just a few short questions.
  • Tuition Insurance is very affordable, and only costs 1% of the total cost of tuition.

WOW! Right?!

Liberty Mutual Tuition Insurance

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