Choosing Water Over Sugary Drinks: How We Do It #BritaBottles

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Sponsored

Interesting fact: Did you know that only 15% if school-age kids drink the recommended amount of water?

I’m gonna be honest here.

I do not run a “tight ship”. I let my kids drink soda.


Sometimes more… usually less.

But one thing I do to help keep the kids (and the parents) out of the sugar drinks is… I don’t really keep sweet stuff around.

The way I see it is — if it’s not around, it’s not there to drink! The bonus is, that means there is also one less “NO” I have to say.

It all started when my son was a little guy. He could’t drink juices because the stuff gave him horrible diaper rash… so I never bought juice.

Water, water, water!

I have to admit, it is really nice not to have the headache and fight about juice. Though with Lucy we did go through a chocolate milk *thing*.

Why don’t kids ever go through a broccoli *thing*?


I brought my kids in on this conversation. This is what went down:

And one other thing… I keep a lot of re-usable cups and water bottles. The kids like drinking from fun cups and bottles. They get excited about water when they get to drink from their favorite water bottle. Plus, re-usable water bottles make it awfully handy to take water-on-the-go. And we are ALWAYS on-the-go!

Those are a couple of ways I’ve helped my kids discover the wonders of water. Brita’s new product, the Brita Bottle for Kids, now provides an easy and fun way to have clean, filtered H2O on the go.

Now I’m curious, how do you encourage your kids to drink more water? Reply below and one of my readers will win a $50 Visa gift card!

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