Breast Cancer Awareness Month: PINK YOUR SINK with Method!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so let’s Pink Your Sink with Method and lather up to promote breast cancer awareness!

I should have shared this on October 1st, but I’ve been a little caught up in another story involving cancer and an awesome local boy, Ian. This October has been a sober and a hitting-close-to-home reminder of how cancer is the nastiest of criminals. Be it breast cancer, leukemia… any of it.

All of it.

As one of the Method Mavens I get to share about new, awesome product from Method each month. And when I say AWESOME, I mean AWE.SOME. Regardless of our working relationship, I am a genuine fan and hard-core lover of Method. From their “green” approach to packaging… to their passion for making cleaning products that are safe for the environment of my home (free of dirty ingredients like phthalates)… to their effort with campaigns like Pink Your Sink.


Pink Your Sink with Method via @jennyonthespot

During the month of October through Spring 2013, Method has made available a limited edition hand wash series. On October 1st, Method asked its Facebook fans where it should donate $10,000 in support of breast cancer awareness and research. On 10/29 Method will announce which four organizations will be gifted $2500 to help their efforts in fighting breast cancer. AND WE GET TO HELP CHOOSE.

The nomination period has closed, and now is the time to VOTE! I encourage you to head over there (here). See which organizations have the chance to benefit from a $2500 gift from Method, and cast your vote! Winners wil be announced on 10/29.

And the soap. In standard Method fashion, the hand washes are deeeelightful. The Botanical Garden and Mimosa Sun hand soaps are available in grocery stores throughout Canada and the U.S. as well as, and

Pink Your Sink pair of handwashed by Method via @jennyonthespot

Method believes that “…design as a force for good. It’s why we make products that are safe for people and the planet. It’s also why we’re using this season’s limited edition DESIGNED FOR GOOD hand washes to help promote breast cancer awareness and donating $10,000 to breast cancer research.”

Alrighty, friends…. lather up to promote breast cancer awareness!!!

*This is a sponsored story. I am proud to be considered part of the Method family, due to my role as a Method Maven. All opinion and excitement are all mine.*


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