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My name is Jenny and I am a blogger.

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Clearly. Bloggers wear moustaches.

When I first started working with brands, it felt a bit like aiming at a target while blindfolded. I had no idea what I was doing, and many of the companies/PR firms I was talking to were trying to figure it all out too! It was a brave new world and we were all paving new roads.

It was a little like landing on the moon, but not nearly as world changing.

Or was it?

Fast forward to NOW. What advice do I have for brands? Hmmm… I have had the opportunity to work with some outstanding brands and PR teams. What a privilege it is to work with the ones that are to be doing it right… to feel valued and treated professionally. Some common themes I see with those brands/teams/representatives:

1) They take time to familiarize themselves with the blogger… beyond the first few posts and the About Page.

2) They value the blogger’s time (read: recognize it takes time, resource, and skill to write a post and/or run a campaign). They have open communication and there is little if no assumption regarding task and performance.

3) They create campaigns/programs that leave some room for blogger input and/or creativity.

I think my best work, and best community response, has come out of being trusted by the brand (because they did their research, they trust me). I have the freedom to be creative and have fun (which is a huge part of my voice). Those brands/teams are usually the ones that provide assets and timelines and excel in communication.

Have you noticed that good communication actually translates to less communication? Or maybe it is better put, good communication translates to fewer email exchanges. Which saves everyone time and confusion.

Communication is HUGE. By both parties. I am a rules-based girl, so I really, really like a map or well-defined program… with creative wiggle room *wink*. The most discouraging projects are those that leave a lot of loose ends, or last-minute emails with changes to links or other assets. I always expect the possibility of asset and timeline changes, but it’s clear when a program is run well and when one is not. Many bloggers are working to balance a number of programs at once. It is a big effort to keep those deadlines and details straight.

The truth is… I really, really want to do a good job! For the brand… I want to work with you again! For my readers… I want to share great, fun stuff with my readers! And for me… I’m a perfectionist!!!

When there is a program offered in incomplete pieces, it makes it hard for me to do my best work. I feel bad asking a million questions… it takes twice as long to do the job I agreed to… and that discouragement can show in the finished product.

I have been honored to work with some outstanding brands. I have been fortunate to be able to learn a lot from working with different brands. Those interactions have taught me a lot about how a really great program can be a big win for all parties – the brand, the reader aaaand me. It’s always a pleasure and privilege to work with anyone who is excited to have you on their team, whether it’s for just one post or an brand ambassador relationship.

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Now, I’m curious. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

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