Board Games and Family Fun

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Let me first start out by saying… I am not wild about playing board games.

On the flip side, I am always so glad when I do because that time with my kids is so precious. And, really, this is where life is not all about me and doing what I want to do.

It’s about my little people.

See this face?


That’s the very thankful face of a happy little girl after a good hour of board gaming. My kids also like face painting and spilling food on their jammies, but I digress…

Board gaming means spending time with my great kids. It’s spending time learning about personality quirks, discovering different ways their creativity comes out… Learning how to lose and/or win with grace and dignity. During these times I get to experience their impressive cunning as well as their awesome senses of humor.

My kids open up most and best when we are doing things together… cooking, tasking, when I’m on the phone… and playing together.

They don’t open up as as much when we’re driving in the car or when I plan for them to open up to me. 

Playing together provides an optimal environment for family bonding. It creates an environment where we end up focusing on each other… even if it IS because we are trying to outsmart each other.

I grew up LOVING board games. I look back on my childhood and remember those times as some of my favorites. I see that excitement in my kids, and golly… who am I to deprive my children of someday remembering how great their mom was for having some fun with them?


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