Best Things on Amazon – October Edition

by | Oct 16, 2019 | House & Home, Lifestyle

Herefollows are gathering of best things on Amazon I have found to be covet-worthy. 

This post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase using one of these links, I receive a small, small piece of the pie at no additional cost to you. Earnings help pay to keep this site online, and hopefully help but some coffee beans on occasion as well. If I ever earn enough to buy a mansion, I’ll send out invites for a party with a hosted bar and dinner will be served on breakable dishes. 

I am one who likes cute things. And things that provide warmth. I think you will find items that fit that bill, in addition to other things too.

An adorable, most welcoming of welcome mats! 

Hello You LOvely People Welcome Mat on Amazon

Available here. I purchased a Hey There Pumpkin doormat that I love… a similar one is here.

Oh friends… grab your scrunchie because the Caboodle IS BAAAACK!

Caboodle on Amazon

Available here.

YOU GUYS LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! It’s a heated bleacher/stadium seat  OMGosh!!!

Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat

Available here

Hold the phone.

Or the bathrobe… this heated poncho CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Electric Poncho Wrap Blanket on Amazon

Available here

I am using a lot of ALL CAPS. I MUST be excited. Speaking of excited… all my cold friends… did you know that there is now an electric heating blanket for the car ?!!!

Electric Heating Blanket for the car on Amazon

Available here.  

I have more mugs than I will ever be able use all the remaining days of my life, so I just have to drink coffee vicariously through this blog post…

A funny mug for desperate parents!

Available here.

I can’t forget about the doggies. And also? October is the house of Halloween. So I would be remiss if I didn’t include at least ONE costume option. And this is the most excellent…

Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume at Amazon

Available here.

Were you aware that Amazon now has Prime Wardrobe? Use this link here to take a peek… you can even choose the secret shopper option.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe


And since Christmas is only a couple of months away… it’s time to start thinking about the gifts. Did you know you can give the gift of Prime? Learn more here.

Give the gift of Amazon Prime

Speaking of fun/creative gift giving. Have you heard of Ipsy? It’s a monthly, personalized beauty subscription plan that starts around $10. A gift that would keep on giving… Follow this link to learn more 🙂

That’s it for now! It’s been a busy month around here! What’s up with you?

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