Back-To-School Party with Horizon Organic… A PARTY!

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What is better than going to a party (perhaps a back-to-school party?) featuring yummy snacks?

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party

Not a whole lot.


This week I had the irresistible opportunity to join forces with my friend Kathy of Mama’s Losin’ ItShe’s pretty big on YouTube, I’m sure you’ve heard of her. She’s one of the funniest people I know, actually.

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party

And one of the tallest. And one of the prettiest. But I digress.

We came together to help Horizon Organic show-off their snack selection. I knew Horizon was amping up their snack selection, but learned I had no idea the wide selection they have out there. They just keep adding more and more awesome choices. They make me feel like I can take-on this whole “back-to-school lunch packing thing” again.

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

Ahhhh… lunch and snack-packing hope is in the house!
Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

In addition to all the food, we also had a HOUSEFUL of children and mothers.

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

Not only does Horizon Organic bring the snacks, but it sure does seem to help bring the people to the party. Good people.

That house. Filled to the brim with 30(ish) kids. 16 moms. That’s a lot off people. And a lot of snacks. And Kathy sure is awesome for opening her doors to so many. She’s super cool like that, though. Did I also mention she is also one of the coolest people I know?

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

May I say… we were prepared? And by WE, I mean Kathy. She gathered all the stuff needed to pack lunches and make creative snacks…

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

Aren’t those little snack bags SO cute?!!!

If anyone left the party hungry, it was their own fault.

I know they didn’t leave empty-handed because my girls helped fill the swag bags…

Horizon Organic Back-To-School Party #HorizonSnacks

As familiar as I have become with Horizon Organic snacks (big Horizon Organic chocolate milk fans here!), I STILL discovered some new items. As did my daughters. In fact, my daughter Livi has specifically requested I purchase Apple Clusters.

Horizon Organic Apple Clusters
After a look at the ingredient list, it’s an easy decision… four PRONOUNCEABLE ingredients. And organic. That’s kind of a big deal.

A deal MAKER.

Horizon Organic Crackers

Horizon Organic Super Squeeze
School is upon us. Which means lunch packing is upon us. I find it hard to NOT get excited about Horizon Organic’s wide snack selection. Having to pack 3 lunches, 5 days a week is a bit… exhausting. I appreciate having some good options.

Speaking of options, remember this fun snack idea I shared not too long ago?


Are you ready? Are you ready for back-to-school?

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