Asthma & Allergies: Dealing with Indoor Air Pollution with Blueair

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*This is sponsored by Blueair. I received the Blueair Classic 605 and Blueair Aware in exchange for this post. This is not a paid post. The experience and words I share in this post are my own!

Let’s talk about it:

Indoor Air Pollution

It’s a thing. Did you know? 

Have you ever been curious about the air quality IN your home? I know I have been… from allergens to dust to pet dander…

We live in an older home with old carpet in the living room that we really need to replace (if only for cosmetic reasons). But that is going to be awhile, and sooooooometimes I have to shut-down my imagination when I think about all the stuff floating up and entering the lungs of my family with every breath.

Dramatic much?

Maybe. But not crazy.

When Blueair contacted me about checking out their system, I didn’t hesitate. Our indoor air situation is a big topic in our home (if only for the fact that we have a dog and my husband is allergic to dogs – crazy, right?!). But in addition to that, we are all pretty susceptible to the situations that seasonal allergies bring, two suffer from mild asthma, and to boot – my husband and I have wondered on several occasions whether an air purifier would help us.

Enter Blueair.

The specific air purifier we have been hosting the last couple of weeks has been the Blueair Classic 605.

Blueair Classic 605

We actually have a different purifier from a couple years ago. There are two problems with it:

  • It is too small. Too, too small.
  • It is too loud.
  • We aren’t sure when to replace the filters. 

It is currently collecting dust in the garage.

Already the Blueair Classic 605 wins:

  • It’s a much better fit for our large space.
  • It’s prettier.
  • It’s quieter.
  • There’s the app, the Blueair Friend app, that tells me when it’s time to replace the filter (!!!) (I can’t tell you how much that little feature excites me!).

AND THERE’S MORE… The Blueair Aware.

Blueair AwareIt’s this sleek little guy that measures and monitors indoor air quality… outdoor air quality too! It’s cute enough to sit out on a table, but small enough to hide in case its “sleek” look conflicts with your Victorian or nautical style. I have mine tucked behind a statue of a gold coral “sculpture”…

Blueair Aware

Where’s Waldo Blueair Aware? I’m not a fan of clutter and wasn’t wild about trying to style a functional piece. But it’s small enough that it was easy to work into my decor.

Here’s how it all works together… you’ve got the the Blueair Aware (the little guy), and you’ve got the Blueair Classic 605 (or whichever model fits your space and needs), and then you grab (download) the Blueair Friend App. You simply connect the unit and device with wi-fi… which is pretty easy to do following prompts you follow through the app. I was able to get everything set-up in 10 minutes! Boom!

I wish I had this set-up years ago. All that worrying about the air inside my home could have been shifted to… something else to worry about 😉

The Blueair Friend App shows me what the Blueair Aware is reading:

Blueair Aware

Eeek! Do you see those little pollution spikes in my house???

But I am happy to report our overall/average air quality has been pretty alright, and made even more alright by having Blueair Classic 605 working for us.

It also tells you all about your local outdoor air quality.

It’s pretty slick, y’all.


You can link the Blueair Aware with the Blueair unit so it will turn on, up, or down without one bit of your time or attention based on the readings!

You can access both (I named my Blueair Aware Little Blue and the purifier Big Blue) through the app. In the first screenshot you can see both units in my app. In the second screenshot you can see the remote fan access. In the final screenshot (far right) you can see the screen where you can link-up the Blueair Aware to run the purifier as needed automatically… depending on it’s readings.

Blueair Classic 605 and Blueair Friend App

Not only can you work the fan from the app, but you can adjust it on the unit…

Blueair Classic 605

I adore that you can use the app to adjust the fan level. For example, if I just want to bump-up or turn off the purifying power while I am out to dinner… or on vacation… I CAN WITH THE APP.

Or I can just let “Little Blue” do it’s thing and run the show all on its own!

Our previous too-small unit had a 2, 4, and 8 hour timer. That was as automated as it got. And it was noisy. I hated running it when I was around.

And I work from home, so that was not terribly effective.

Is there anything I don’t like about my Blueair unit?

The only “con” I have is it doesn’t quite pass as a shabby chic table. Buuuuuuuuut… that is the con I have with any air purifier. None will never pass as a shabby chic table.

However, this unit is attractive and is as neutral as an air-cleaning machine can possibly be.

Blueair Classic 605

For you researcher-types, I imagine you’d like a bit more detail. No problem!

I have the Blueair Classic 605. It is recommended for larger spaces (up to 775 square feet in size). This unit features WiFi-enabled cloud connectivity (and even voice control that’s compatible with top smart home control systems). These purifiers offer a 20% boost in clean air delivery, a sleeker profile and quieter performance (it’s definitely waaaay quieter than our previous air purifier!). These units also remove up to 99% of airborne particles such as pollen, dust, and pet dander which is kind-of a big deal! 99%!! Of course here are several sizes and styles of units to choose from depending on your need and space size.

The Blueair Aware is a super-smart, Wi-Fi enabled air quality monitor that uses high-tech sensors to measure indoor air pollution. Oooh lala!! The data is sent to your smartphone (via the Bluair Friend App) so you can monitor the air quality in your home from anywhere – so you can take action from anywhere if you need! 

And then there’s the Blueair Friend App! This brings all that great technology together to make keeping your air clean literally as easy as it can possibly be. The app informs you about your air quality in real time and recommends what measures you can take to stay healthy. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. Use the Blueair Friend app to control your Classic 605 with your smartphone… which I think makes this just the coolest, most convenient thing in life. Now if I could only get my morning cup of coffee to be so easy…

I know I covered a lot, but this is important stuff! And May is National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month so this is a great time to talk about this stuff. Summer is coming, so around here that means more dust, and lots of stuff flying around. It is the HIGH ALERT season for allergies in my family. Aaaanything that can potentially help ease those symptoms is a fast friend of mine.

Blueair Classic 605

Have you ever used an air purifier in YOUR home? If so, what have you loved or not loved? Have you heard of Blueair? I recommend checking them out. I am truly pleased. Oh, and did I mention the unit is on little wheels so it is SUPER easy to move around?

I am a huge fan of anything that makes my life easier.

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