Annie at the Paramount in Seattle!

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We are a theatre family. Somewhere along the way my kids got involved in a local children’s theatre group.

My children have played villains and bugs and animals and various storybook characters ranging in roles from chorus to leads.

So, the idea of heading to a play is exciting for us for at least two reasons… 1) We love to see how other theatres present their performances and 2) FAMILY TIME!

Annie at the Paramount in Seattle!

As luck would have it, Annie is now showing through September 26 at the Paramount in Seattle!

*I was provided tickets to Annie in order to be able to share my story with you. This post is not paid.

Can I show off a couple photos real quick?


My girls were in our local Fall production of Annie 2 years ago! Olivia was Grace…

My daughter as Grace Farrell in Annie

And Lucy was feisty Pepper…

My daughter as Pepper in Annie

A couple of nights ago we got to head into the city and see Annie at the Paramount in Seattle as a family!

We made an evening of it. We hopped on a ferry, chose a parking spot (around the corner from The Paramount – so easy!), and went to dinner at the Yard House Restaurant in Seattle. It’s only a few blocks from the Paramount. So I scored a few extra steps on the Fit Bit as well… (to help burn off that Upper Manhattan I sipped up before the show!).

Family eating dinner and watching the Seahawks gave at The Yard House Restaurant in Seattle

Also, the Yard House is a pub (a gastro pub, in fact) that played sports on the TVs and the Seahawks were playing, so… Hey, the 12th Man rolls deep!


The boys stayed longer at the Yard House to catch as much of the game as they could before show time while the girls and I stopped at Sephora to look through eyeliner and such.

We beat the boys to the Paramount…

The Paramount Theatre in Seattle

So we stopped by the merch booth and scoped out our seats. And nice lady offered to take our picture in front of the STG step and repeat!

My girls and I at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle to see Annie

We have seen several shows at The Paramount (Lion King, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! the Musical, and Wicked). But we have never seen Annie (except for the production of Annie my girls were in at our local children’s theatre).

The experience of theatre always leaves us inspired. It was especially fun to experience a show that my girls had performed in before. After every show, we always talk about what we loved, what we didn’t love, what surprised us, what didn’t, and whatever else might come up. The conversation was even more involved after seeing Annie… discussing the ways the show we saw was different than the one they were in (like, the girls’ show didn’t have a dog). We were all particularly impressed to see Sandy in the show!

Annie at the Paramount did not disappoint! We were, as always, blown away by the talent, the costumes, the sets… It was an excellent, excellent show.

Annie at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle

The gal who played Miss Hannigan was on. point! She was my favorite. Of course, Miss Hannigan is my personal dream role.

And you guys, the orphan girls… their talent and energy blew us all away. The artistry of the set … just amazing. Amazing.

Annie at The Paramount runs until September 26th. I know there’s not much time left before the run ends, but if you have even the smallest chance to make it happen, I promise you will not be disappointed. You may know how the story goes, but I bet you don’t know EXACTLY how it all goes. That’s the beauty of theatre! The styles of directors and actors and little adjustments in scripts leave a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of fun! Click here for ticket information!

The Paramount in Seattle / Seattle Theatre Group


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