A Couple Tips For… The Summertime Road Trip!

School is out.

Vacation plans are being made.

Some families take to the air. Other families take to the ROAD. Summer road trip time… the time you pray that your car doesn’t breakdown. Although cars that have broken down will more likely be on a cantilever cars rack than the road! Our family loves to go on road trips together… including but not limited to: The Summertime Road Trip!

The Summertime Road Trip

Sure, not all the moments are ideal… if you have ever crammed three kids in the back of a car for more than 30 minutes you are probably nodding your head with passion and maybe even a little panic. Planning a road trip involving kids can be hectic, so often we don’t have time to think about things like car insurance. Sometimes we’d rather be on the wrong plan for us if it means that we don’t have to go through the hassle of changing providers. A youi car insurance quote might actually surprise you and make you reconsider your loyalty to your current provider!

*This post is sponsored by Straight Talk. All opinion and testimony on how we spend time on road trips are my own.*

The Summertime Road Trip

As a mom, what I love about the summertime road trip is that inescapable time together. Some of the time is spent staring at the in-van dvd screen… some is spent in debate over music playlists… some is spent trying to find the nearest bathroom… some of it it spent passing back napkins and snacks… some of it is spent on personal devices… but all of it is with everyone together. A road trip is certainly smoother when you have a new car for the journey! My friend found this out when she went off on a little adventure with her new car from Intelligent Car Leasing Ltd. I wish we had that same luxury.


The Summertime Road Trip

Something we do to pass the time in the car is play “Riddle Me This…” There aren’t rules, as the game is founded in complete nonsense. In the game, someone comes up with their own riddle. I use the word “riddle” in the loosest sense of the word. The rest of the car trippers have to try to solve the “riddle” by asking only “yes” or “no” questions. It’s ridiculous and hilarious… the line of questioning and especially the riddle-maker’s riddle. We end up in stitches, or scratching our heads. But always with a deeper understanding of how cooky we all are. It’s family bonding at it’s best.

Of course there are the digital devices that save the day/trip as well. They provide a much-needed escape in such tight quarters. The ability to create space where there is nearly none can be a relationship saver. While togetherness is important in relationships, having one’s own space (literally and emotionally) is equally as important.

Building in some personal device time helps each child (and non-driving adult) find some escape time. It’s everyone’s vacation and if someone’s idea of vacation means there’s time to play Subway Surfer or plug in and listen to Spotify for a time – I’m OK with that!

Besides, I will confess… mama likes a little time to sift through her program options on her Nike Training app, scroll through Instagram and Facebook, and mama loves her some podcasts and Audible.

But some of the device time requires service and data. Thankfully, Straight Talk’s nationwide coverage and selection of plan coverage helps make those summertime road trip travel hours more bearable… for everyone one in the car. Not to mention, the importance of having coverage when you arrive at your destination. So whether you are heading to your favorite lake 7 hours away…

lake house

OR your family reunion a week’s drive away (have mercy). Straight Talk has the coverage you’ll need. Plus, just like their name Straight Talk gives it to you straight… no contracts and no hidden fees for a low price with great coverage – wireess plans, tablets, home phone, hot spots. Straight Talk has all vacation connectivity needs covered!

Straight Talk plans and pricing

Straight Talk makes it even easier with the option of being able to bring your own phone, or the option to choose from a wide selection of Straight Talk smart phones.

As fun as a summertime road trip can be, there can be road bumps. Or, more specifically, TRAFFIC…

The Summertime Road Trip

It’s nice to have a service like Straight Talk to lean on to help pass the time.

It’s also super nice in case of emergency. Like, for example, to call the water sport rental company while in the middle of a river… because one of the two jet skis had a motor that stopped working. In fact, that motor starting spewing black smoke so the use of a fire extinguisher was necessary. GO FAMILY MEMORIES!

jet ski tow on a lake


As the famous Boy Scout Motto goes, “Always be prepared!” be it road… or in our case – RIVER.

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