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by | Sep 7, 2011 | Life

So. You know. Stuff. Lots of stuff. If you’re not into one kind-of stuff, maybe you’re into another kind of stuff… ice cream, shoes, beds… CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS!

  • The New Balance Minumus… cute, light weight, fabulous… Win a pair here.
  • DOVE Ice Cream. NOM. Win some here.
  • A TEMPUR-Pedic bed – win one. I’M NOT KIDDING.
  • I met a celebrity. She hasn’t emailed me yet, but I think it’s because she’s playing hard-to-get. She knows I think co-dependence is a buzz-kill. *call me Wendi!*
  • Oh yeah… and a newsletter. I sent out a newsletter the other day. Here’s THAT newsletter right here. And if you didn’t get it, but want to make sure you do next time – sign-up for our newsletter here!

Finally, here’s a picture of a peanut that looks like a clog:

clog-looking peanut

Who knew?


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