9 Best Dance Videos of 2017

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Herefollows a list of 9 videos that I consider the BEST DANCE VIDEOS of 2017.


Some may or may not have been born before 2017, but these are all videos that I have enjoyed this year.

They have either provided some sort of viral LOL or AMAZE for me at some point this year.

I love me some dancing, so dance videos are of particular interest to me.

I mean, a great deal of my childhood was spent dreaming of becoming a Solid Gold Dancer so CLEARLY I LOVE THE FINE ART OF DANCING.

Yep Solid Gold set the standard.

Solid Gold Dancers

But the list. In no particular order, but I’m saving my personal favorite for last…

Una Paloma Blanca…

I’m not sure if Solid Gold influenced that video, or if it was an influence on Solid Gold. 

This one here is just BADASS:

And this girl is just the very, VERY best. We all need this in our lives:

Mad props to Air New Zealand. This in-flight safety video is GOALS for every airline…

Remember “Oh Mickey!” This is Toni Basil, of “Oh Mickey!” fame. I performed in two talent shows dancing to this we a group of 7 other girls in 5th grade to “Oh Mickey!” So there is a little personal history on this one.. The video isn’t the best quality, but Toni is 72 in this here video and  she is KILLING IT.

This principal is… well… you MUST watch. Seriously, she schools errybody…

Are these the BEST dance videos or WHAT?!!!

The following video leaves me with no words. Every time. It really did add to my 2017…

Y’all know I’m an 80’s girl. But the 90’s were a significant series of years for me as well. I graduated from high school, college, aaaand had a baby in the 90’s. In fact, the I would say I had my biggest growth spurt in the 90’s. I cannot overlook it’s influence in my dance and music development…


So. Tell me. What did I miss? What was YOUR favorite dance video of 2017?
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