6 Things To Think About Before Gifting a Pet

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Life

Oh Hallmark… you romanticize EVERYTHING.

From actually human relationships to pet ownership.

Let me be clear… PETS ARE WONDERFUL.

Surprising someone you love with the puppy they’ve always wanted is WONDERFUL.

In theory.

But bringing home a puppy is a lot like bringing home a baby.

It’s work.

It’s messy.

It doesn’t sleep through the night.

It cries.

It chews on EVERYTHING.

While babies have no teeth – PUPPIES HAVE TEETH.

With a baby you can lean on diapers to keep the potty and poppy off the carpet.

I hear they have dog diapers but I’ve yet to go there.


With babies, potty training happens after a year or two… with puppies – NOW.

I am sharing all of this because though I know seeing your beloved or precious little one freak out over his/her MOST PERFECT PRESENT EVER is every gift-giver’s dream… A puppy (or kitty, or fishie, or guinea pig, or iguana) is a life that needs attention to actually LIVE.

Now, I am not a professional dog owner. I just have two of them. Which means I know a thing or two about puppies.



They both came into our family as puppies…


So…. Before going to your local shelter/breeder (but I suggest shelters because SAVE THE ANIMALS!) to find the perfect pet, take a few moments to consider these 6 things to think about before gifting a pet:

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