3 Doable Pumpkin Crafts Using Thrifted Materials

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Artsy Craftsy

I love a lot of things.

My husband. My kids. My friends.


But I love other things too… like DO-ABLE crafts.

And also pumpkins. So herefollows 3 VERY doable pumpkin crafts using thrifted materials: the Mason Jar Band Pumpkin, the Thrifted Book Pumpkin, and the No-Sew Pumpkin.

First… the Mason Jar Band Pumpkin

Marson Jar Band Pumpkin via @jennyonthespot

This is just so cute and fun and EASY. You can find these all over Pinterest. But I used this tutorial by Yellow Bliss Road as my guide.

I used 24 Mason jar bands that I found at Value Village, strung them onto raffia (facing the same direction) and tied them tight. I strategically hot glued the stick and burlap “leaves” to help keep all the pieces in place. So fast. So simple. So cute.

Marson Jar Band Pumpkin via @jennyonthespot

Next… the Thrifted Book Pumpkin:

Thrifted Book Pumpkin via @jennyonthespotI followed this tutorial by Craftberry Bush to make my own thrifted book pumpkin. I recommend using a paperback book (I got mine at Value Village). Make sure your X-Acto knife is SHARP. Especially if you are cutting through 509 pages… like I did.

Thrifted Book Pumpkin via @jennyonthespot

Finally, the No-Sew Pumpkin:

No-Sew pumpkin from thrifted fabric via @jennyonthespot It’s not that I CAN’T sew.

It’s that I choose not to most of the time. Everyone has there gifting, and though I am able to sew… it is just a bit stressful and can make the act of creating an act of rage.

To find how to make this cute little number, check out my post here. Yes, this is mine! I made it last year (after a trip for Fall and Halloween decor craft ideas at Value Village and found this AWESOME fabric. That was a huge score!). I love my little pumpkin.

I am so excited to get all my Fall decor out! How about you?


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