21 Must-Haves for Dorm Room Decor & Function

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Dorm room decor, folks… Are you or a “child” of yours heading to college soon? OR MAYBE THEY’RE ALREADY THERE! *GASP*PANIC*

21 Must-Haves for Dorm Room Decor & Function

Here follows a list of things that might be handy for a person in such a situation. Simply because it’s a dorm room, it doesn’t have to feel like a DORMITORY. **The following links are affiliate (which means if you make a purchase I will receive a small percentage, at no extra cost to you… which helps me pay my server bill, which keeps this site on the internet!). *I was provided the Polaroid Snap Touch for review. No compensation was provided.

Dorm Room Decor Must-Haves
This list covers things or a practical nature, and things that will make dorm room living feel a bit more… Instagram-able. If not just plain charming.

    • Polaroid Snap Touch! Sure, these college kids all have a camera on their phone, but… does their phone PRINT photos?! Photos are a GREAT way to decorate a dorm room. What’s even cooler about this instant camera is – it is a digital camera with touchscreen display. This means one can choose whether or not to print a photo AND… with the Polaroid Snap Touch app, photos can be sync’d to your phone! And bonus points for including stickers, filters, frames, and timestamp as options to print! Oh and no big deal… this shoots video too! It’s fun, and portable!

Dorm Room Decor: Polaroid Snap Touch

    • Command Strips or… Spring Clips, ya know… since your shouldn’t put holes in the walls, but you want to make your dorm room feel like home. Besides what cuter way to show off all those fun pictures you are taking with your Polaroid Snap Touch?!

College Room Decor: Command Spring Clips

  • Orrrr…. add a little light/ambience with these dimmable photo clips.
  • AMAZON PRIME FOR STUDENTS! Did you know this exists! There is a 6-month trial, and then it’s either $6.49/month or $59/year.
  • Artificial succulents. These are VERY Insta-worthy, and no water needed! A perfect college-kid fit! There’s not time to keep pants alive while earning a college degree!

Artificial succulent plants

  • Speaking of Insta-worthy… a little macrame plant hanger, perhaps? Macrame is all the rage! Maybe that dorm room already has a hook to utilize!

Macrame Plant Hanger for the dorm room

  • We’ll call this one an investment piece – THIS desk lamp. It’s not particularly cheap (as far as budget goes), but a student needs good light. And a cute one at that…

Dorm Room Decor: stylish desk lamp

  • You may need to asses the floor space of your/your student’s room, but this rolling storage cart is both fun and versatile… practical and/or decorative! Stack books, fake succulents, make-up storage, towels, you name it! I would have LOVED this in my college days. Sigh…
  • This felt letter board has fun fonts and even emoji options! What a fun way to leave a roomie a note before class!

Dorm Room Decor: felt letter board

  • TOOL KIT! You never know… Check out this tool kit I found on good ‘ol Amazon! There’s a pretty simple one you can grab at Ikea too. I have that one for me, and I marked it… “MOM’S TOOL KIT. DO NOT USE.”

College Must-Have - Tool Kit

Dorm room decor: hexagon hanging mirror

Dorm Room Decor: Shower caddy

  • A first aid kit (or customize one! You can find tips for that in a previous blog post here!) 
  • A safe! I recently heard that safes are quite handy… to keep passports, other important documents, and extra cash extra secure. 
  • Academic planner/calendar, I like this one!

Now, I realize this probably fits the female decor taste a bit better than the fellas. But hey, there are wall tapestry options for the guys too… SEE? See?!

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