There really is a creative (mad?) genius inside.

I will often tell people I am not creative. I am a WAY better copy cat.


I would say I am far more CAPABLE than CREATIVE. And I am O.K. with that. I can do just about anything… I just need someone to tell what it is I will be doing.


My kids are in a summer camp this week. And as all good summer camps do… each day has a theme. As much as I love to accessorize and such… I really don’t like to have to do it on a schedule. I am more of a “as the mood hits” kind-of gal… Or a random party.

Simply put, I am ill-prepared to accessorize according to a theme on a schedule, especailly when it involves people other than me (i.e. MY CHILDREN – FOR 5 DAYS STRAIGHT).


I realized it was crazy hat, hair and sock day 15 minutes before we had to leave Monday morning.

Great way to strat the week, ehh? The guilt. The pressure…

My mind raced. I saw images. I saw PIPE CLEANERS.

BOOM, I say… BOOM:

Pipe cleaner crazy hats = A HIT!

Friends. I have spent a good deal of my career as a mother feeling like my lack of on-demand creativity makes me less-than a mother.

But… every so often… there is a shining moment.

And based on the picture above… I nailed it.

Want a closer look? OK!

pipe cleaner hats

Here’s what you’ll need (a Crazy Pipe Cleaner Hat Tutorial):

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hands to bend and twist said pipe cleaners

Please… please… hold your applause until the end…

silly girls in silly hats

OK. You can clap now.



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11 Responses to “There really is a creative (mad?) genius inside.”

  1. Mikki says:

    Awesome.. just awesome!! A true hidden talent if I do say so myself..

  2. The Lazy Mom says:

    When my son was in Kindergarten and it was 100 day (does everyone, everywhere celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten?) we had to send in a hat that had 100 things on it. We decided to make a pipe cleaner hat! We bought a bag of 100 so we didn’t even have to count them (is that cheating?) and we made all SORTS of designs, including his name, in it. It was THE BEST hat that day. 🙂

  3. Michelle W says:

    Fantastic!! I myself am a creative copy cat also, and may creatively copy your idea one day!

  4. Love The Photos!!!!!!!!!!! FAB.

  5. LOVE this. So cute. I so wish I had taken a picture of my kids’ hats on crazy hat day. Duh. Totally forgot.

  6. I used pipe cleaners for crazy hat day during the Dr. Suess Read Across America week thing. It went ok. I might have hot glued some ribbon to a Lion King hat in addition to the pipe cleaner creation….. to make me look cooler. She still didn’t win the contest….I think the ballot box was stuffed. 😉

  7. Damn! You nailed it! Way to think on your feet Mom, nicely done.

  8. […] Create. There are amazing opportunities for creative activities when playing inside. Stage a Crazy Hat Day, make monster masks or make a cardboard box into a creature or mode of […]

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