Peep On A Perch: Is This Easter’s Answer to Elf-On-A-Shelf?

SPOILER ALERT: I VOTE NO (also: some links are affiliate)

Peep On A Perch: Is this the Easter Answer to Elf-On-A-Shelf?

If I were a news reporter I would have to approach this from a neutral perspective.


I mean… I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun.


If I was a mother of young children I would be SO. TICKED. OFF. RIGHT. NOW.

OK, so it IS cute.

And it’s for real. Like really, real. You can buy it here: Peep On a Perch

I can’t even believe I am not joking about this.


And mayyyyybe my rage-response is in-part fueled by my jealousy.


I wouldn’t be nearly as outraged if I had thought of it.

Hmmm… maybe I can still get in on this hustle… Flag On a Flag Pole? Or a President on a Dollar Bill?

Wait. I think that last one has been done.

Thankful Turkey on a Platter?

I think there’s a reason I may not be good at getting rich quick schemes.

I guess by now it might be clear what my opinion is on Peep On a Perch. What do YOU think?

And you guys… it’s totally cool if you love this. I can respect your brand of crazy. But for me, if I had little ones I THINK I WOULD DIE and my children would, once again… feel like magical creatures only cared about other children.

Case-in-point, our very long and turbulent relationship with the Tooth Fairy…

A letter to the Tooth Fairy

You can read all about that shameful period of my motherhood here, here, AND ALSO HERE. These are just few of probably dozen times our Tooth Fairy proved what a loser he/she is.

If putting peeps on perches is not your thing, I have a few other wonderful Peep options for you:

Is there any Peep fun I have missed? Are you just ready for nap? I think I am.

Peeps Peace Out.

Peep on a Perch - Easter's version of Elf-on-a-Shelf

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